Where I’ve Been/ Special Announcement!

I haven’t posted since February and that feels CRAZY! But I promise it is all for a great cause. While away me and my fiance’ finally started on our business! It’s all set up and ready to go so I can finally share with you all!

Our company is called Enliven Luxx. Our motto is “Luxxury in every detail”. Our products will range from cosmetics, accessories, and apparel! The first few sneak peeks have already been revealed on our business pages! The reason for starting our business is simple…I love makeup, My fiance’ loves fashion. Together we have the makings for a perfect brand! Here are some of our products so far.

This is our lipgloss in Bubbly.

This is Voodoo

This is Lilly

Last but not least on the left we have Rich

You can find swatch videos and photos on our pages Instagram/Twitter.

We have so many shades and finishes in the works and would appreciate you guys support! I plan to do a giveaway on my blog when we get closer to our launch date which is May!

I’m so excited to finally be in the final stages and officially about to launch! I hope you guys understand my absence as i’m still adjusting and figuring out good time management. I also have big things planned for our YouTube as well! Ill be back to posting regularly very soon! Thank you so much for your support shown on my Instagram and Twitter.

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