*Review* Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Hey there, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. My skin care is so important to me. And while I love makeup, the best thing you can do to insure a flawless application is taking great care of your skin. I have my skincare routine Here on the blog and I also have a more updated version Here on YouTube! I’ve always used a facial brush as it helps greatly with exfoliation, and massaging product into my skin.

Vanity Planet has graciously asked me to be apart of there Ambassador Program and sent me the Ultimate Skin Spa to review for you all! Just as a disclaimer, all opinions will be my own. I’d never bring a product to my platform if I didn’t think you guys would be able to benefit from it! Now on to the post!


On the Vanity Planet website, the Ultimate Skin Spa is going for $129.99. Luckily, they are always offering discount codes and also offer their products on sites like Groupon where you can get this system for about $27.99-$39.99!


When you receive your kit it will come in a beautifully designed box. The aesthetic is very minimal with pops of color. The set comes with a travel case as well as three spin brushes!

I’ve been using the Philosophy one step Purity cleanser with the silicone brush head. I love silicon face brushes because they are more sanitary than the normal brush heads and don’t need to be replaced as often. For my deep clean and exfoliants I’ve been using the grey softer brush head. This whole kit is Cruelty free which is awesome for our planet and animals!

This brush has replaced my old Olay face system. The brushes are so soft and they give you so much variety via use of the different speeds!

*Huge thank you to Vanity Planet sir sending me this system!*

Use the link Here to get this system at the discounted price of $39.00!

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UPDATED: My Affordable Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my corner of the internet! Today I’m sharing my updated morning skin care routine. I did a post on my skin care awhile back which you can find here. I’ve changed a few products since then so I thought it was surely time for an update! Let’s hop right in shall we!

When I first wake up the first thing I do is get a glass of water. Why is this important you ask? When you first get up your body needs to rehydrated! If you’re dehydrated your skin suffers. By drinking some water when you first wake up, you give your skin a mini boost before you even touch it!

My next step is cleansing! I’ve been using this All-natural Black soap facial wash from What On Earth? Cosmetics with my spin brush tool. This wash leaves my skin feeling super clean and helps clear my pores it seems. I’ve been using this regimen for about two weeks now and my skin has definitely been thanking me for it!

Next, if I was wearing any makeup the day before I take a bit of marcilar water and getting any leftover eye makeup off with a cotton round.

My next step is to tone! For toner i’ve been using a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water on a cotton ball. this helps with any breakouts or dark marks im having. 

After I tone, I use this lip scrub by my company Enliven Luxx! The oils and the scrub in general prepare my lips for the lipstick or lip balm I plan to wear during the day.

Last but not least is moisturizer. I’ve been using the All- natural whipped body butter with Lemongrass by What On Earth? Cosmetics. I’m in love with the refreshing scent of the Lemongrass as well as how smooth and moisturized my skin feels after I apply it!

So far, this routine has totally been helping my skin. My face seems more even toned and healthy!

What are some of your skin care favs?

Again, thank you for stopping by! Lets keep in touch on my Twitter or my Instagram. And don’t forget to check out my new Beauty/Lifestyle YouTube page!


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