🍂My Favorite Fall Go-To Lip Combo 💋

Fall is here to stay, and my favorite part about it is bold but season appropriate makeup! This time, I’m sharing my ultimate fall lip combo using none other than Kylie Cosmetics OG Metal Matte lipsticks in the shades Reign and King K. Kylie has released two newer Metal Matte lippies in the shades Dancer and Kymajesty. Kymajesty has been discontinued, but had a lot of negative feedback due to its lack of pigment. There were also a lot of complaints from customers saying that their lipsticks came poorly packaged or even halfway empty. Dancer was released with the Christmas collection and remains on the site.


Kylies Metal Matte lipsticks will run you $18.00 plus tax. This is a great price point for her demographic. Compared to similar lines like Beauty Bakerie where a single Lip Whip, as they call their liquid lipsticks, will run you $20.00 Kylies price fits right in!


These Beautiful lipsticks are super opaque and dry down to a semi matte finish. Both have amazing pigment, and do not settle into those pesky fine lines you may have in your lips.


The cons are small, but need to be mentioned. The lipsticks are advertised as a Metal Matte…which simply is inaccurate at best. These don’t dry down to a completely matte finish which doesn’t bother me, but I know it is something a prospective buyer would like to know. My only other con is the fact its Kylie Jenner. I know a lot of people refuse to support the Jenner/Kardashian family and that is perfectly fine. I’ve also stated before that I will not be purchasing from her again as I feel like she doesn’t really listen to her fan base and customers and that’s just not a person I want to give my hard earned money to.

These liquid lipsticks together create the perfect bold, but Autumn appropriate, ombre` lip!

What is your favorite go to lippie for the Fall? let me know in the comments!

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How to: Using Lipstick as eyeshadow

I told you guys I’d be back with the makeup looks and here I am! Welcome back to my corner of the internet! And if you’re new, hey wassup hello! Hope you love what you find here and decide to subscribe!

On to the post. Today I’m here to tell you how I achieved this purple monochromatic makeup look! 

Product List:

  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee
  • Sasha cosmetics buttercup powder
  • Makeup Geek Unexpected eyeshadow 
  • NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in Amethyst
  • Makeup Geek Wisteria eyeshadow 
  • Makeup Geek Courrupt eyeshadow
  • Makeup Geek Phantom eyeshadow 

The Process for eyes:

  1. Use LA Girl Pro Concealer as base and set with Sasha Buttercup powder
  2. Use Makeup Geek Unexpected eyeshadow in the crease as transition shade
  3. Use Amerhyst lipstick by NYX as base on whole lid and set with Makeup Geeks Wisteria eyeshadow
  4. Use Courrupt by Makeup Geek in the outer v to add depth
  5. Use Phantom by Makeup Geek to highlight inner corners.  

Process for lips:

  1. Line lips with Kylie Cosmetic Dead of Knight lip liner
  2. Use Colourpop Cosmetics So Wavy
  3. Apply Makeup Geek Phantom on top to set lips and highlight Cupid’s bow 

I Love Love Love how this came out! 

What are your thoughts?

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XOXO, Lynn❤️

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I got this sample sized lipstick as a free birthday gift from Sephora a while back and i’ve never had the opportunity to really try it out! So let’s hop to it!


Now as this is a sample size im not sure how the actual full size looks. But for a mini the packaging is super sleek and minimal. I love when companies put some effort in even their trial size products!


The full size lippie retails at $30 at Sephora. As this is a high end brand, I feel $30 is perfect for this lipstick.


This Lipstick is super pigmented! Of course this is expected because of the brand, but it’s super pretty pink that will be perfect for the spring and summer time.


The lipstick is described as a creme so I hopped it would be super creamy and it surely was! The formula is so creamy and super comfortable on the lips! It feels moisturizing in a way, also note this does not dry down so it is not transfer proof. Also, if you don’t like scented lipsticks this will be for you. this has no scent at all which I typically like in my stick lipsticks!

Overall Thoughts

Overall I’m loving this lipstick. I’t comfortable, and with a brown liner its going to be an easy go to this season!

What are your thoughts about this beauty line or lipstick if you’ve tried it?

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Makeup of the week! May 2-5🌸💄

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! As you all probably know, I’m obsessed with makeup. I’ve decided to start a mini segment on my blog where I share the looks I create through the week as well as my favorite details or products used for each look! Let’s jump right in. 

This week I didn’t do my makeup on Monday as that was my fiancés birthday and we slept in and just had a cozy day in. 

May 2nd

I created this neutral everyday look. I also filmed this look for my brand new makeup YouTube page Here!  My favorite thing about this look has got to be using the KVD tattoo liner in Trooper to create this super sharp winged liner! I’ve never been good with winged liner, but the small precise tip of the KVD liner makes it super easy for me to create a super sharp almost flawless wing!

May 3

Next, on Wednesday I created this super simple green halo eye! I also filmed this look so like I said just keep your eyes open for the reveal of my new channel! My favorite part of this look is actually my brows! Since dying my hair, I was struggling with the intensity of my brow color. I didn’t want to bleach my brows lighter because I knew I’d still want them darker, just not as intense as I had them. 

May 4

On Thursday I created this super blushy look with a bold red lip. I’m absolutely in love with this! My favorite bits of this look is how I was able to use the blush as a contour and how I fell in love with my RiRi Woo lipstick by MAC! A while back I did a post about my small MAC lipstick collection, and I stated of how drying this lipstick was. I prepped my lips first with a lip scrub, then a little almond oil before applying and I am so in love with the transformation! This lippie may be a summer staple for me!

May 5

On Friday I gave my skin a break with another makeup free day! 

Which was your favorite look of the week?

Thank you for stopping by! Let’s keep in touch! 

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