Wedding Chronicals: Update

Okay my loves, I’ve officially been engaged 1 full year! You know what that means? No? Well neither do I. The plan was to have a long-ish engagement because honestly I just wanted to experience every part of the process long enough to appreciate it. So I’m sure you’re wondering what the update is and… there is no update. I’m still just as confused now as I was in the beginning, when I first attempted to start planning my wedding! Today I just plan to run through the general thoughts and my process so far.

Picking A Date

Typically I think people have a general idea of when they’d like to get married. Wether it be on an anniversary or a date they already had in their mind. I’m not one of those people. While I’d love to get married on our dating anniversary which is August 24th, I feel like that is just too far away and I want to have it sooner. The thought so far is maybe a day between or around one of our birthdays (April 7th and May 1st) my only reservations with this is that all of our birthdays, fiancé , our children and myself included are way too close. Fitting a wedding anniversary in so close could make it super hectic to celebrate in the future. I haven’t come up with another solution for this just yet, but I’ll keep you all posted.

Big or Small Wedding

I’ve never wanted a ‘traditional’ wedding. So the big fancy wedding in a huge chapel with friends and family close and distant isn’t even an option. We have both decided more than likely we will elope and then go on our honeymoon and have a celebration with close family and friends closer to our one year anniversary.


As you can tell already, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing! Honestly it’s sad but super hilarious at the same time. If you know me, I’m a more spare of the moment type of girl. If I want something or want to do something, I may wait a few days for planning but that’s it. I’ve always felt like if I had something on my mind and didn’t just do it it would just never happen. And my feelings are sadly the same towards our wedding. So far we have worked up the options of going to Vegas and having a super fun random wedding, simply going to the local courthouse, or going to another states courthouse.

Dress Choice

So, I’m sure you can tell by now I won’t be in one of those huge extravagant wedding dresses. While they are beautiful, and I’ve definitely toyed with the thought, I just don’t see it. I have a few dresses that I’ve seen that I’ve really liked. But nothing that I’ve been able to 100% say “that’s it. That’s my dress”. My mother is pushing for me to go more traditional of course. Her wedding was so beautiful, but our styles just clash. While I’d be perfectly fine finding a simple sleek gown, I’m sure she’d like to see me in a more traditional wedding dress with lace an pearls. I can’t wrap my head around getting an extravagant dress for ONE day. And not even the full day, JUST THE WEDDING! Where in my mind at least, if I get a simple gown I’m sure I’d be able to wear it again at some point in time ( hope you can tell I’m not thinking traditional white or even Cream). But here are the dresses I’ve been eyeing:

So all in all I’m not exactly lost, but I don’t have a plan either. And with us moving home soon, I’m sure I won’t have a full plan until after Christmas . But, the best part of all this? The wedding is one day. Soon, I will have the man of my dreams last name, and we will live the rest of our happily ever after. What could be an anxiety attack waiting to happen is calm, because my very best friend is by my side already through thick and thin.

What were some of your favorite wedding details? 

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