Hello July! June Goals:Hit or Miss?

Happy July!

I absolutely can’t believe that June went by so fast! Today I’m showing you what my June Goals were and letting you know if I hit or Missed them! Setting goals as a blogger, youtuber and business owner helps me keep track of how much I’ve grown or gotten better over time.

Well, here are my June Goals!

  1. Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter
  2. 830 followers on Instagram
  3. Stick to blog and YouTube schedule
  4. Make a cleaning schedule

Reason For My Goals?

Twitter and Instagram

Since starting my blog, have built up my following and engagement so I can better connect with my readers. I love talking to you all VIA Twitter or seeing what you all have been up to VIA Instagram. I have discovered that it is super hard to be active on 3+ social media accounts at one time. Being active on Twitter and Instagram connects me to some amazing bloggers and YouTubers. Which has inspired me and my content as well.

Content Scheduling

As far as my blog and YouTube schedule it’s been a dream. Pre-Filming and writing out posts and drafting them is the easiest way to get things done! In the past I was writing out posts the day of and posting and editing the same day. Being able to have time in between my content uploading on Mondays and Fridays has helped me have better quality as I can take more time to see what I’d like to better.

Cleaning Schedule

If you don’t know, I am a stay at home mother of two very active children. Trying to start not one…but TWO brands while keeping up with house work has been exhausting! Although, things have been a lot easier now that my oldest is on summer break there is always something to do. A schedule makes it easier to see what needs to be done and when.

How Did I Do?

  1. 1,500 followers on Twitter |HIT
  2. 830 followers on Instagram |MISS
  3. Stick to blog and YouTube schedule | HIT
  4. Make cleaning schedule | HIT

Thank you all for stopping by! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join my Fam Bam and see beauty and lifestyle videos from me!

XO Lynn❤️


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Double Trouble! : Life with Two Children

I was the mother of one beautiful little girl for well over 4 years before I found out I was pregnant with my son. It was smooth sailing all through my pregnancy and the first 7-9 months of my son being born…. then all hell let out. Those blogs and articles that tell you that life with children is super easy and manageable ? All LIES. I’m here to tell you the reality of having two children. 

When it was me and my daughter, going to the car on a rainy day was simple. Umbrella in one hand and carry her and whatever purse I had in the other. Life was great. Now, it’s a hassle. If I want to get myself and both kids in the car without being soaked it’s just much simpler to strap one in then come back in the house for the other and the rest of my belongings. But then it hits me… if I take the baby first, he’ll cry until I get back (which I’m pretty sure is a form of abuse).  And if I take Kay (my daughter) first, she’ll play with all the knobs in the car and have the radio blasting when I finally get in to turn the car on. There’s no winning solution. 

Want to successfully go to the market on your own just you and the kids? Dead mission. Having to worry if the baby will pull stuff off the shelves or worry as Kay walks off to find her favorite food of the week drives me mad! Then, all my apartment living babes will agree, having to carry a baby and bags into my 3rd story apartment is not easy! Then when I get the first batch of bags in the house, who’s there to watch the kids while I go get the rest? No one. I’m on my own. I have the option to leave my wonderful distructive and adventurous children by themselves while I run downstairs, or take them both with me to ensure no one leaves out or destroys my house. Y’all know what I choose. 

Want to put one of your children to bed to spend more one on one time with the other? Not gonna happen! The second my daughter realizes the baby and myself are not with her she goes searching. And the moment I lay the baby down and do anything with Kay? Y’all guessed it. His eyes pop open. Again a lose lose situation!

Moral of this post? It’s not easy. Two children unless they are of similar age is not easy. But one thing I can tell you? It’s worth it and so much fun! Running through the market chasing my son, or yelling around the market for Kay, a mess a whole mess… but fun. These are memories we are creating. Even though, at first you may break down. You may feel defeated. But I promise you, from my experience thus far , it’s worth it and you will have a hell of a story to tell your children as they get older!

Thank you for stopping by!

XOXO, Lynn❤️

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What’s In My Bag? Mommy Edition

Welcome back my loves! I’m very excited to be sharing this with you as this was a requested post! What I keep in my purse has varied over the years. Since having children I normally wouldn’t even carry a purse, but as they are getting older I’m able to run errands without a diaper bag! I tried to keep this post as accurate as possible, as you will soon see. So without further delay here is what is in my bag if i was running an errand!

This is my purse for day-to-day outings.

A Steve Madden tote, as it was a gift I do not know the price or exactly where it was purchased. But I can tell you it is my favorite bag, with the exception of the purse my mother got me for Christmas this year.

First things first is the outside of the bag. I always keep a mini hand sanitizer. the one of choice right now is this Vanilla Coconut one from Paradise Spa.

As you can see my bag is pretty full, let’s jump right in!

I always keep a pack of wipes. With an 11 month old and a 5-year-old, there is bound to be a mess or a diaper change for my little one.

Next is two diapers, after being out thinking I was running a few quick errands and the baby having an explosive poo diaper I’ve learned my lesson…always be prepared.

This Pure Seduction lotion from Victoria’s Secret. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It keeps my hands so moisturized and smells like a dream!

My wallet of course, from Elliott Lucca. Again I have no idea where exactly this was purchased or its cost as it was a gift.

My phone charger. Who else hates when their Apple charger begins to bunch up? Since having an upgraded phone I truly don’t need to carry this as my battery life is a million times better than my last phone…but it’s a bag staple.

The babies sippy cup. Pretty self-explanatory it’s by the brand Numby.

Boogie wipes, again with two children and this being cold season, better safe than sorry.

The typical gum and keys…because where am I going without them?

Last but not least my makeup pouch. This is an old Coach wristlet I’ve had for literally years. 

In it I keep my face powder, chapstick for the children, Blistex for me (as my lips get extremely dry in the cold) and my Too Faced Lip Injections lip gloss. If I’m just running out I typically throw this gloss on as it makes my lips nice and plump and it also has properties in it that keeps your lips super moisturized!

So that’s it! Everything that I’d have in my bag if I was running short errands!

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

You can check out my previous post, my daily skin care routine for my oily skin Here !

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