Life Update: Moving and Growing 🌱🏡

Okay, it’s been a good minute since I’ve done a life update and just chatted about what was going on in my little world so here I am with the tea!


We are (finally!) moving house! I’ll be doing a blog post or YouTube video talking about what a horror it’s been living in my current apartment. But without going too deep, there are a lot of filthy people here and the rental office staff needs a training class on how to talk to people.

It’s super bittersweet. Even though I’m ready to go and have been for well over a year, this is our first place together. This is where we brought my son home to when he was born… it’s an interesting feeling I’m still getting used to.

YouTube Accomplishments

I’ve hit 100+ subscribers on YouTube and I’ve never been more excited! Not sure if y’all know, but the YouTube channel that is linked at the bottom of my posts is my personal beauty/lifestyle channel. I also have a family channel that I admit I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been taking my channel so serious, and it’s finally starting to benefit from my hard work! I’d be so thankful if you all subscribed Here! I’m still on the schedule of uploading Mondays and Fridays so I don’t disrupt my Wednesday post on here.

Blogging Accomplishments

My last update is mini blogger accomplishments I just want to document to look back on. I am now the brand ambassador for two amazing companies! The first is the Vliz app which I will link Here for IOS users. Vliz app is an awesome in between of YouTube and Snapchat! You create moments, and can save them and add on to them as much as you want. Built into the app is different editing, music, and filters allowing you to create whole vlogs or mini movies without all the equipment or editing! It’s literally taken over my use of Snapchat for videos since I can edit and add to it almost like a live feed! If you decide to check it out, be sure to subscribe to me so we can keep up with each other’s Vliz’s! My channel name is MelaLynnTV !

The second company I have the pleasure of working with is Vanity Planet! I will creating content and reviews soon for this company. This is important to me at least because it was the first company I actually pitched myself to! As a blogger reaching out to companies is scary and kind of gives me anxiety to be honest. I just played over and over in my head how they’d say no, but they didn’t and it seriously eased that fear of rejection!

Well I believe that’s more than enough of an update for now!

Till next time,


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🍁Autumn Tag🍂

Hello lovelies! I recently came across the Autum tag on Britts blog and thought it was perfect for the season and I definitely wanted to participate!  The tag consists of 15 questions, so let’s hop in!

1. What Signifies Autumn To You?

Once the weather chills in the morning I am typically 100% ready to break out the pumpkin spice everything and super cozy sweaters lol this is my FAVOITE time of year!

2. What Is The Best Way To Spend A Rainy Day?

I have a blog post all about this here, but my ultimate favorite thing to do is pop popcorn and watch movies with my daughter and son. 

3. What Is Your Most Fond Autumn Memory?

I would have to say it’s every year just before we enter the winter season we start decorating for Christmas. It’s so much fun setting up the tree and lights with my fiancé and children. They live for this time!

4. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Scent?

Every year I put on a pot of ingredients containing cinnamon , nutmeg and apples. It leaves the house smelling so good. It’s a scent that I remember from my childhood as my mother and her mother has made the same mixture. 

5. What Are You Most Excited For This Autumn?

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch just before Halloween and it’s the best. Seeing my daughter so excited and of course the blogger in me has to mention the amazing photo ops this setting gives you! 😉

6. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Song?

Honestly anything slow and mellow sets the season off for me. I’m more recently loving anything Lana Del Rey. But I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t mention that I began playing Christmas music September 25th to be exact haha! #SorryNotSorry

7. What Os Your Favorite Autumn Movie?

Honestly I’m a blood and gore type of girl. My first movie of choose has to be any of the Hellraiser series. The first, of course, is my absolute favorite!

8. What Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To This Autumn?

I absolutely LIVE for The Walking Dead. I always get so pumped and watch every single season before it returns every October. 

9. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Color?

The burnt oranges, mustard yellows and deep burgundy wine shades are always what I gravitate towards. They are the stapes for this season to me. 

10.  What Is Your Most Loved Outdoor Autumn Activity?

I love just stepping on the leaves, hearing the crunch. It’s so much fun. Especially when me and the kids make it a game to step on the most crunchy leaves we can!

11. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Fashion Trend?

I am in love with huge fluffy scarves and the pretty patterned scarves. I have about 3 or 4 amazing scarves I’m always dying to break out. 

12. If You Could Have A Familiar/Spirit Animal, What Would It Be?

 I suppose a cat or a bird of some sort. I just love to watch how relaxed my cat always is just bathing in the sun. Or a bird out stretching their wings, so free and uncontained. So refreshing!

13. Name One Place You Wish You Could Visit During Autumn?

We visited the Skyline Drive this summer for vacation. It was filled with Mountain View’s and and amazing pathways. I think it would be ten times more beautiful this time of year just to see all of the leaves on the trees changing colors and all of the beautiful leaves falling all you drive the amazing winding paths. 

14. What Is Your Favorite Photo You Took Last Autumn?

Last year consisted of so many firsts since it was my sons first time experiencing this time of year. This photo of my babies at the pumpkin patch is definitely my favorite! 

15. What Are You Being This Halloween?

I created this Queen Of The Undead look on my YouTube and I think I’ll just do the same look and regular dress as we are taking the kids trick or treating!
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Hope you all enjoyed this Tag! 

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Double Trouble! : Life with Two Children

I was the mother of one beautiful little girl for well over 4 years before I found out I was pregnant with my son. It was smooth sailing all through my pregnancy and the first 7-9 months of my son being born…. then all hell let out. Those blogs and articles that tell you that life with children is super easy and manageable ? All LIES. I’m here to tell you the reality of having two children. 

When it was me and my daughter, going to the car on a rainy day was simple. Umbrella in one hand and carry her and whatever purse I had in the other. Life was great. Now, it’s a hassle. If I want to get myself and both kids in the car without being soaked it’s just much simpler to strap one in then come back in the house for the other and the rest of my belongings. But then it hits me… if I take the baby first, he’ll cry until I get back (which I’m pretty sure is a form of abuse).  And if I take Kay (my daughter) first, she’ll play with all the knobs in the car and have the radio blasting when I finally get in to turn the car on. There’s no winning solution. 

Want to successfully go to the market on your own just you and the kids? Dead mission. Having to worry if the baby will pull stuff off the shelves or worry as Kay walks off to find her favorite food of the week drives me mad! Then, all my apartment living babes will agree, having to carry a baby and bags into my 3rd story apartment is not easy! Then when I get the first batch of bags in the house, who’s there to watch the kids while I go get the rest? No one. I’m on my own. I have the option to leave my wonderful distructive and adventurous children by themselves while I run downstairs, or take them both with me to ensure no one leaves out or destroys my house. Y’all know what I choose. 

Want to put one of your children to bed to spend more one on one time with the other? Not gonna happen! The second my daughter realizes the baby and myself are not with her she goes searching. And the moment I lay the baby down and do anything with Kay? Y’all guessed it. His eyes pop open. Again a lose lose situation!

Moral of this post? It’s not easy. Two children unless they are of similar age is not easy. But one thing I can tell you? It’s worth it and so much fun! Running through the market chasing my son, or yelling around the market for Kay, a mess a whole mess… but fun. These are memories we are creating. Even though, at first you may break down. You may feel defeated. But I promise you, from my experience thus far , it’s worth it and you will have a hell of a story to tell your children as they get older!

Thank you for stopping by!

XOXO, Lynn❤️

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Getting My First Tattoo: Experience and Why a Matching Couples Tattoo

I’ ve known for as long as I can remember that I was obsessed with tattoos and piercings. I love how beautiful the artists work looks on the skin, I love the buzzing sound of the tattoo gun, and I love the pain of a fresh piercing! So odd I know, but it is what it is! I got my very first (and currently my only) tattoo when I was celebrating my 23rd birthday. I had done extensive research on getting a tattoo, the pros and cons and what to expect….you’d think i’d have been more than prepared…I wasn’t. Although I was planning on getting a tattoo, I had not planned to get one on that day! On the day I got my tattoo, my now fiance’ and I woke up to get breakfast and I randomly blurtted out that I wanted to get a tattoo. Super random, we started looking up tattoo places that were open (as it was a sunday, most were closed) and found a place not too far from us with excellent reviews!

We went to Altered Image in Pasadena Maryland . It was super cozy, our artist was super down to earth and inviting! On the spot we decided to get matching tattoos. Risky? Very, but I already knew that my fiance’ was who I’d want to be with for the rest of my life…also, I knew getting a tattoo with him wouldn’t be something i’d end up regretting even if we were to part ways. We agreed to get the phrase “Siempre Contigo” which means always with you. I wanted my placement to be just as important as my actual tattoo, so I thought long and hard before deciding to get it on my right wrist. To me, Its a forever reminder that I am loved…That my fiance’ is “Always With Me”. My fiance on the other had decided to get his tattoo on his inner bicep on his left arm. His placement was meaningful as well, he told me after we had left the parlor that he got it on that arm because that’s the arm I fall asleep on, and he wanted a reminder that of that.

My actual experience wasn’t anything like I expected. I thought it would be super painful and hard to bare… It was almost the complete opposite. The pain id rate a 4/10. There were certain areas like the letters closer to the bottom that were more painful, but overall it was a breeze! Now pain tolerance is different for everyone, but id suggest asking your artist about which areas typically hurt more to tattoo and which are fairly painless.

Over the past two years I’ve grown more in love with my tattoo, especially since I’ve gotten engaged. The meaning behind our tattoos are so important to me. I definitely look forward to getting more tattoos in the future. We are even considering getting matching tattoos on our ring fingers instead of exchanging rings when we get married.

What are your thoughts on couples getting matching tattoos? 

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet! Don’t forget to stop by again! And keep in touch with me on my social media sites!


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