August| Bullet Journal Set Up

The thing I love most about bullet journaling, is that I can set it up however I need. I can use habit trackers if I want to this month, and next month I can completely leave them out! The customization is endless! I really don’t have time for fancy setups and doodles, so being able to use a setup with little to no fluff is great for me! Lets hop into my August spread!

Cover Page

My cover page is very simple this month. I used blue and pink pens to create a circle and blue marker and pens to write August in the center of the circle. I then created an overview calendar at the bottom of the page so I had somewhere to always see the full month laid out.

Goals + Setup

The next two pages in my journal contain my goals and my business, blog, and YouTube plans for the month. I always try to set 4 short term goals to achieve in the month. This month’s goals haven’t been set just yet, but I’ll be doing a post on them soon. My Business, blog, and YouTube planning areas are where I’ve realized I spend a lot of time brainstorming, so I dedicate half a page each.

Weekly Setup

My weekly setup for August is simple. I have a box for each day of the week on one side, and a place to journal on the other. I’ve found myself wanting a little more space in my journal to write down general thoughts or things I want to remember or meditate on in the future.

Instagram Tracker

I’ve officially be come “That” blogger. I’m currently wanting to grow my Instagram page and engagement! I’m now scheduling and planning my posts out so that I have a clear view of what works and doesn’t work for my Instagram!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What are your favorite spreads to incorporate?



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