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Hello lovelies! I recently came across the Autum tag on Britts blog and thought it was perfect for the season and I definitely wanted to participate!  The tag consists of 15 questions, so let’s hop in!

1. What Signifies Autumn To You?

Once the weather chills in the morning I am typically 100% ready to break out the pumpkin spice everything and super cozy sweaters lol this is my FAVOITE time of year!

2. What Is The Best Way To Spend A Rainy Day?

I have a blog post all about this here, but my ultimate favorite thing to do is pop popcorn and watch movies with my daughter and son. 

3. What Is Your Most Fond Autumn Memory?

I would have to say it’s every year just before we enter the winter season we start decorating for Christmas. It’s so much fun setting up the tree and lights with my fiancé and children. They live for this time!

4. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Scent?

Every year I put on a pot of ingredients containing cinnamon , nutmeg and apples. It leaves the house smelling so good. It’s a scent that I remember from my childhood as my mother and her mother has made the same mixture. 

5. What Are You Most Excited For This Autumn?

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch just before Halloween and it’s the best. Seeing my daughter so excited and of course the blogger in me has to mention the amazing photo ops this setting gives you! 😉

6. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Song?

Honestly anything slow and mellow sets the season off for me. I’m more recently loving anything Lana Del Rey. But I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t mention that I began playing Christmas music September 25th to be exact haha! #SorryNotSorry

7. What Os Your Favorite Autumn Movie?

Honestly I’m a blood and gore type of girl. My first movie of choose has to be any of the Hellraiser series. The first, of course, is my absolute favorite!

8. What Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To This Autumn?

I absolutely LIVE for The Walking Dead. I always get so pumped and watch every single season before it returns every October. 

9. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Color?

The burnt oranges, mustard yellows and deep burgundy wine shades are always what I gravitate towards. They are the stapes for this season to me. 

10.  What Is Your Most Loved Outdoor Autumn Activity?

I love just stepping on the leaves, hearing the crunch. It’s so much fun. Especially when me and the kids make it a game to step on the most crunchy leaves we can!

11. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Fashion Trend?

I am in love with huge fluffy scarves and the pretty patterned scarves. I have about 3 or 4 amazing scarves I’m always dying to break out. 

12. If You Could Have A Familiar/Spirit Animal, What Would It Be?

 I suppose a cat or a bird of some sort. I just love to watch how relaxed my cat always is just bathing in the sun. Or a bird out stretching their wings, so free and uncontained. So refreshing!

13. Name One Place You Wish You Could Visit During Autumn?

We visited the Skyline Drive this summer for vacation. It was filled with Mountain View’s and and amazing pathways. I think it would be ten times more beautiful this time of year just to see all of the leaves on the trees changing colors and all of the beautiful leaves falling all you drive the amazing winding paths. 

14. What Is Your Favorite Photo You Took Last Autumn?

Last year consisted of so many firsts since it was my sons first time experiencing this time of year. This photo of my babies at the pumpkin patch is definitely my favorite! 

15. What Are You Being This Halloween?

I created this Queen Of The Undead look on my YouTube and I think I’ll just do the same look and regular dress as we are taking the kids trick or treating!
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Hope you all enjoyed this Tag! 

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Hello Gorgeous !💋 My Road To Body Positivity

Hello everyone, you all don’t know… but I’ve struggled with accepting myself at every weight I’ve been through my life. Before I had my daughter, I was pretty content with my size. I was curvy but felt I was perfect to me and that was all that mattered. Thought time I grew problems with my weight due to a toxic relationship I was in where I was always put down for my size. 

After being in that relationship, I questioned my appearance and attractiveness due to weight. I’ve never been a size small and at the time it seemed everyone around me including the media was glorifying a small slender frame and looking down on anyone who was larger. This created a fight within myself. On one side I wanted to be as thin as everyone else that was praised so highly for their slender bodies. And on the other side I wanted to be happy with myself no matter what size I was. 

Well I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and gained about 20 lbs. I was in shambles. I was disappointed in myself for gaining weight, not realizing the weight I gained was mostly from my daughter and not just me eating crazy.  I slowly started to see myself as pretty and was content with my size. My weight has always fluctuated and never been stable. When I learned I was pregnant with my son I was okay with my body, but still self conscious of how other people saw me. After giving birth for the second time I was surprisingly happy that I was down to my pre pregnancy weight within the first three months postpartum. 

This timeline leads me up till now. As of now, I’m content with my body and size. But I do still have times where I wonder what others think and don’t wear certain things because of that. I’m planning on using my blog more to show my journey of falling back in love with myself. I love being plus size. Is it a struggle sometimes when it comes to clothes and certain trends? Yes. But, the only way to really fall in love with myself and be carefree is to step outside of my box and do things differently than I have been doing. Trying new styles. Trying risky styles that I’d never grab for on a regular day. And I’m ready for the challenge! I hope you all follow me on this journey and potentially learn something as well!

Thank you for reading! 

XOXO, Lynn❤️

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Where I’ve Been/ Special Announcement!

I haven’t posted since February and that feels CRAZY! But I promise it is all for a great cause. While away me and my fiance’ finally started on our business! It’s all set up and ready to go so I can finally share with you all!

Our company is called Enliven Luxx. Our motto is “Luxxury in every detail”. Our products will range from cosmetics, accessories, and apparel! The first few sneak peeks have already been revealed on our business pages! The reason for starting our business is simple…I love makeup, My fiance’ loves fashion. Together we have the makings for a perfect brand! Here are some of our products so far.

This is our lipgloss in Bubbly.

This is Voodoo

This is Lilly

Last but not least on the left we have Rich

You can find swatch videos and photos on our pages Instagram/Twitter.

We have so many shades and finishes in the works and would appreciate you guys support! I plan to do a giveaway on my blog when we get closer to our launch date which is May!

I’m so excited to finally be in the final stages and officially about to launch! I hope you guys understand my absence as i’m still adjusting and figuring out good time management. I also have big things planned for our YouTube as well! Ill be back to posting regularly very soon! Thank you so much for your support shown on my Instagram and Twitter.

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I Am NOT Your Average Blogger. 

I’m not a size 3, I don’t own a MacBook, I’m pretty disorganized and I have NO marble tables or counter tops in my house. 

I am not your average blogger. When I had my original blog I was very discouraged. Seeing other peoples pretty blogs with pictures with marble backgrounds or fancy vanities always made my heart drop. “No one will read your blog.” I had myself convinced. I would look on Instagram for inspiration only to see pretty, thin, blonde women in fancy outfits living what seemed to be perfect lives. 

This time around I didn’t look at blogging as a competition as I had in the past. We are all together. I’ve learned in the blogging community no matter your appearance or your at home life you are accepted. I love the blogging community for that very reason! It’s okay to not have the most expensive things. Make use of what you do have and flaunt it! 

Your blog is as successful as YOU make it! As long as you’re proud of your posts and content that’s what’s important!

I’ve learned to make use of the space I have to take pretty decent photos and use products I already have to make posts! I love it! I don’t feel pressure to be the standard definition of perfect, because I am just the way I am! So if you’re feeling discouraged about entering the blogging community, don’t! There are so many accepting people! People who care about you and your character and personality above all things!

Thanks for viewing!

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