*Review* Shop Miss A : a2o Spectrum Highlighter in Rose Quartz Blush

Hello my lovelies! Today I will be reviewing the a2o Spectrum Highlighter in Rose Quartz Blush. I picked this up from Shop Miss A for $5.00. It is currently on the site for $2.50, so if you love what you see after this review you should totally pick it up! Lets hop right in shall we?


As we have already gone over the price, the next thing to hit is this products overall pigment. In the swatches below, you will see both a finger and brush swatch. The swatches do not appear to be very pigmented, BUT if you take into account that this highlighter builds wonderfully you wont even care about the actual swatches.


I have used this highlighter with a large fan brush, and with my finger for the tip of my nose and bridge of my nose and have not one complaint. The only negative is the kickback, or fallout, is very overwhelming. But for the price what can you expect.


I love this pink toned highlighter! I would also recommend it to any of my fair skin toned readers who don’t mind a little shimmer in their blush. This is also a very close dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose ($48.00). I give this highlighter a 10/10 and it has very quickly become one of my favorite highlighters for a no makeup makeup day!


What are your thoughts on this highlighter or this line from Shop Miss A?


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My 5 Favorite YouTubers 

Hello my loves! Welcome back to my blog. So as you all know I have a YouTube channel that I’ll link here. I love YouTube. I started watching about 5 years ago, and have been hooked ever since. There are even days I won’t even cut my tv on and just binge watch my favs on my laptop! Today I’m sharing my top 5 favorite YouTubers!

  1. Jackie Aina
  2. Mariya
  3. Yunnie Rose 
  4. Vanessa Manley 
  5. Vee Charles 

Who are your favorite YouTubers? I love coming across new creators and being inspired one way or another!

Till next time my loves,

Lynn xo

*all photos are from Google, I do not own the rights to them*

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🍂My Favorite Fall Go-To Lip Combo 💋

Fall is here to stay, and my favorite part about it is bold but season appropriate makeup! This time, I’m sharing my ultimate fall lip combo using none other than Kylie Cosmetics OG Metal Matte lipsticks in the shades Reign and King K. Kylie has released two newer Metal Matte lippies in the shades Dancer and Kymajesty. Kymajesty has been discontinued, but had a lot of negative feedback due to its lack of pigment. There were also a lot of complaints from customers saying that their lipsticks came poorly packaged or even halfway empty. Dancer was released with the Christmas collection and remains on the site.


Kylies Metal Matte lipsticks will run you $18.00 plus tax. This is a great price point for her demographic. Compared to similar lines like Beauty Bakerie where a single Lip Whip, as they call their liquid lipsticks, will run you $20.00 Kylies price fits right in!


These Beautiful lipsticks are super opaque and dry down to a semi matte finish. Both have amazing pigment, and do not settle into those pesky fine lines you may have in your lips.


The cons are small, but need to be mentioned. The lipsticks are advertised as a Metal Matte…which simply is inaccurate at best. These don’t dry down to a completely matte finish which doesn’t bother me, but I know it is something a prospective buyer would like to know. My only other con is the fact its Kylie Jenner. I know a lot of people refuse to support the Jenner/Kardashian family and that is perfectly fine. I’ve also stated before that I will not be purchasing from her again as I feel like she doesn’t really listen to her fan base and customers and that’s just not a person I want to give my hard earned money to.

These liquid lipsticks together create the perfect bold, but Autumn appropriate, ombre` lip!

What is your favorite go to lippie for the Fall? let me know in the comments!

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5 Great Things to do On a Rainy Fall Day 

As the fall months roll in, its inevitable that we will have more than a few rainy days ahead of us. Some rainy days are lay in days, but others can turn out extremely productive! Here are 5 great things you can do if it’s raining. I have kid friendly options as well as a cozy day to yourself!

With Children Options

  1. Baking Day:  my daughter just loves helping in the kitchen, and I really try to encourage it as much as possible. Having a day to just bake and fill the house with that sweet smell is my favorite!
  2. Play in Puddles: that’s right! Strap on you and the kids rain boots and jump in as many puddles as possible! It’s seriously so much fun and what kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to get muddy and wet!

With or Without Children Option

  1. Have a Movie Day: rent 2-3 movies whether they be children’s films or your own favorite horror movies and spend a cozy day wrapped in your blanket on the couch! If this is with the kids, make a special snack before hand and get a few games to play between movies to combat boredom!

No Children

  1. Self Care Pamper Day:  spend the day doing everything self-care you can fit in! Face mask, hair mask, shave and try that new bath bomb you didn’t think you had time for!
  2. Start a New Book: the best time to start a new book is cozy in bed with fall scented candles going, and your favorite cup of tea or coffee!

These are my five rainy day approved activities! What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day? Let me know below!

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