Hello Gorgeous !💋 My Road To Body Positivity

Hello everyone, you all don’t know… but I’ve struggled with accepting myself at every weight I’ve been through my life. Before I had my daughter, I was pretty content with my size. I was curvy but felt I was perfect to me and that was all that mattered. Thought time I grew problems with my weight due to a toxic relationship I was in where I was always put down for my size. 

After being in that relationship, I questioned my appearance and attractiveness due to weight. I’ve never been a size small and at the time it seemed everyone around me including the media was glorifying a small slender frame and looking down on anyone who was larger. This created a fight within myself. On one side I wanted to be as thin as everyone else that was praised so highly for their slender bodies. And on the other side I wanted to be happy with myself no matter what size I was. 

Well I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and gained about 20 lbs. I was in shambles. I was disappointed in myself for gaining weight, not realizing the weight I gained was mostly from my daughter and not just me eating crazy.  I slowly started to see myself as pretty and was content with my size. My weight has always fluctuated and never been stable. When I learned I was pregnant with my son I was okay with my body, but still self conscious of how other people saw me. After giving birth for the second time I was surprisingly happy that I was down to my pre pregnancy weight within the first three months postpartum. 

This timeline leads me up till now. As of now, I’m content with my body and size. But I do still have times where I wonder what others think and don’t wear certain things because of that. I’m planning on using my blog more to show my journey of falling back in love with myself. I love being plus size. Is it a struggle sometimes when it comes to clothes and certain trends? Yes. But, the only way to really fall in love with myself and be carefree is to step outside of my box and do things differently than I have been doing. Trying new styles. Trying risky styles that I’d never grab for on a regular day. And I’m ready for the challenge! I hope you all follow me on this journey and potentially learn something as well!

Thank you for reading! 

XOXO, Lynn❤️

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Double Trouble! : Life with Two Children

I was the mother of one beautiful little girl for well over 4 years before I found out I was pregnant with my son. It was smooth sailing all through my pregnancy and the first 7-9 months of my son being born…. then all hell let out. Those blogs and articles that tell you that life with children is super easy and manageable ? All LIES. I’m here to tell you the reality of having two children. 

When it was me and my daughter, going to the car on a rainy day was simple. Umbrella in one hand and carry her and whatever purse I had in the other. Life was great. Now, it’s a hassle. If I want to get myself and both kids in the car without being soaked it’s just much simpler to strap one in then come back in the house for the other and the rest of my belongings. But then it hits me… if I take the baby first, he’ll cry until I get back (which I’m pretty sure is a form of abuse).  And if I take Kay (my daughter) first, she’ll play with all the knobs in the car and have the radio blasting when I finally get in to turn the car on. There’s no winning solution. 

Want to successfully go to the market on your own just you and the kids? Dead mission. Having to worry if the baby will pull stuff off the shelves or worry as Kay walks off to find her favorite food of the week drives me mad! Then, all my apartment living babes will agree, having to carry a baby and bags into my 3rd story apartment is not easy! Then when I get the first batch of bags in the house, who’s there to watch the kids while I go get the rest? No one. I’m on my own. I have the option to leave my wonderful distructive and adventurous children by themselves while I run downstairs, or take them both with me to ensure no one leaves out or destroys my house. Y’all know what I choose. 

Want to put one of your children to bed to spend more one on one time with the other? Not gonna happen! The second my daughter realizes the baby and myself are not with her she goes searching. And the moment I lay the baby down and do anything with Kay? Y’all guessed it. His eyes pop open. Again a lose lose situation!

Moral of this post? It’s not easy. Two children unless they are of similar age is not easy. But one thing I can tell you? It’s worth it and so much fun! Running through the market chasing my son, or yelling around the market for Kay, a mess a whole mess… but fun. These are memories we are creating. Even though, at first you may break down. You may feel defeated. But I promise you, from my experience thus far , it’s worth it and you will have a hell of a story to tell your children as they get older!

Thank you for stopping by!

XOXO, Lynn❤️

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Double Liner Eye Makeup💋🔥

Welcome back to my corner of the internet ! I’m so excited to tell you all about this double liner look I tried out last week! Let’s hop in!

I was trying to think of a simple but bold (super contradicting I know) way to add a pop to my simple makeup look I had created. My solution was using this silver liner I got from the beauty supply store and drawing a mirror image of my winged liner slightly above my crease! I had seen a similar look on one of my favorite YouTubers Alissa Ashley as seen below:

It certainly pays off following your favorites on other social media because she hasn’t put a tutorial of this look on her YouTube channel. 

So this is the eye look I created: 

Products List:

  • LA Girl pro concealer in Toffee
  • Sasha cosmetics buttercup powder
  • Morphe 350m pallet
  • Colourpop limited edition Birthday Boy eyeshadow
  • Silver liquid eyeliner
  • Black liquid eyeliner 
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascarra 

I’m working on upping my makeup techniques so be on the lookout for many more makeup posts to come!

Thank you for reading!


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My Thoughts on Orange is The New Black Season 5

OITNB is one of the most popular Netflix series to date. Recently, they released season 5 which everyone was waiting on especially after the cliffhanger ending to season 4. This season had 13 episodes that mainly focused on the riot that had just broke out in last season. Today i’m going to share what I thought about this season and what I expected from this season.

Honestly off the bat I can tell you this season was a disappointment to me. I loved the realistic feel of the previous seasons. Last season was one of the best seasons because of the attention to detail and how the writers used real world events to mesh into the show. Last season, sadly Poussey was suffocated to death, a reenactment of the real world death of Eric Garner who was also strangled/suffocated to death. These key points in the show is in my opinion what made it grow to the sensation it was. This season was so lackluster. Though it did have some okay parts like the back stories of the inmates which is always my favorite.

The riot lasts what the writers say is three days but seems a lifetime as that’s all that was focused on in this season. This defiantly was a turnoff because while the riot started because during a press conference the warden of the prison marked Pousseys death as an accident and not a murder as the inmates had seen, the new season has very little to say about the death and really makes a mockery of the true reasoning behind the riot. All in all the season was okay. There could definantly be more in deph about the death of Poussey and go more on about the outcome and what’s to come with the jail. The three-day riot to me was unrealistic. Inmates running a jail for three days just would never happen. Then we have to wait another year for a new season which we really wanted more out of this season so I expect views to go down the next season due to disappointment.

I absolutely Love the show, I just expected more!


Thank you so much for reading an I’ll talk to you all next time in my new post! Don’t forget to read my past post!

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XO, Lynn❤️

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