*Review* Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Hey there, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. My skin care is so important to me. And while I love makeup, the best thing you can do to insure a flawless application is taking great care of your skin. I have my skincare routine Here on the blog and I also have a more updated version Here on YouTube! I’ve always used a facial brush as it helps greatly with exfoliation, and massaging product into my skin.

Vanity Planet has graciously asked me to be apart of there Ambassador Program and sent me the Ultimate Skin Spa to review for you all! Just as a disclaimer, all opinions will be my own. I’d never bring a product to my platform if I didn’t think you guys would be able to benefit from it! Now on to the post!


On the Vanity Planet website, the Ultimate Skin Spa is going for $129.99. Luckily, they are always offering discount codes and also offer their products on sites like Groupon where you can get this system for about $27.99-$39.99!


When you receive your kit it will come in a beautifully designed box. The aesthetic is very minimal with pops of color. The set comes with a travel case as well as three spin brushes!

I’ve been using the Philosophy one step Purity cleanser with the silicone brush head. I love silicon face brushes because they are more sanitary than the normal brush heads and don’t need to be replaced as often. For my deep clean and exfoliants I’ve been using the grey softer brush head. This whole kit is Cruelty free which is awesome for our planet and animals!

This brush has replaced my old Olay face system. The brushes are so soft and they give you so much variety via use of the different speeds!

*Huge thank you to Vanity Planet sir sending me this system!*

Use the link Here to get this system at the discounted price of $39.00!

Till Next Time,


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Journal Prompt: I am thankful for what I have because…?

Hello my loves! I wanted to start utilizing my bullet journal better so I began to think of questions I could ask myself and write out the answers to better understand myself. I thought this would be a good process to share a lot of people have problems with self-awareness and knowing their true self. So I hoped this would help us all learn ourselves better and shine light on what we need to work on wishing ourselves.

I am thankful for what I have because…?

I’m so thankful for all I have because I know that I have a lot to lose. Understanding that if I’m ungrateful, and God takes everything from me I’d literally be left with nothing humbles me so much. I’m so in love with my little family, close friends, and overall living situation. I’d be so lost if I didn’t have everything and everyone that has been placed in my life.

Why are you thankful for what you have?

God has placed everyone and everything in my life at this time for a reason. It is my job to continue to be thankful and humble and continue growing and learning.


I hope you all get a clearer understanding of yourself in these prompts. I hope a door opens for you that you never thought you could open.

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5- minute Vegan Garlic Spread

Hey lovelies! I was in the house this week with limited groceries, as we haven’t gone to the market yet, and whipped up a vegan garlic spread to snack on! It was quick easy and made enough to snack all week!


  • 1 can kidney beans (rinsed + drained)
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • Pinch of salt and pepper


  1. Blend kidney beans garlic and salt and pepper together in a blender
  2. Add water till spread gets to desired texture

This was super creamy, and super delicious! Let me know if you’ve made this or something similar!

Till next time,

XO Lynn ❤️

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🍁Autumn Tag🍂

Hello lovelies! I recently came across the Autum tag on Britts blog and thought it was perfect for the season and I definitely wanted to participate!  The tag consists of 15 questions, so let’s hop in!

1. What Signifies Autumn To You?

Once the weather chills in the morning I am typically 100% ready to break out the pumpkin spice everything and super cozy sweaters lol this is my FAVOITE time of year!

2. What Is The Best Way To Spend A Rainy Day?

I have a blog post all about this here, but my ultimate favorite thing to do is pop popcorn and watch movies with my daughter and son. 

3. What Is Your Most Fond Autumn Memory?

I would have to say it’s every year just before we enter the winter season we start decorating for Christmas. It’s so much fun setting up the tree and lights with my fiancé and children. They live for this time!

4. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Scent?

Every year I put on a pot of ingredients containing cinnamon , nutmeg and apples. It leaves the house smelling so good. It’s a scent that I remember from my childhood as my mother and her mother has made the same mixture. 

5. What Are You Most Excited For This Autumn?

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch just before Halloween and it’s the best. Seeing my daughter so excited and of course the blogger in me has to mention the amazing photo ops this setting gives you! 😉

6. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Song?

Honestly anything slow and mellow sets the season off for me. I’m more recently loving anything Lana Del Rey. But I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t mention that I began playing Christmas music September 25th to be exact haha! #SorryNotSorry

7. What Os Your Favorite Autumn Movie?

Honestly I’m a blood and gore type of girl. My first movie of choose has to be any of the Hellraiser series. The first, of course, is my absolute favorite!

8. What Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To This Autumn?

I absolutely LIVE for The Walking Dead. I always get so pumped and watch every single season before it returns every October. 

9. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Color?

The burnt oranges, mustard yellows and deep burgundy wine shades are always what I gravitate towards. They are the stapes for this season to me. 

10.  What Is Your Most Loved Outdoor Autumn Activity?

I love just stepping on the leaves, hearing the crunch. It’s so much fun. Especially when me and the kids make it a game to step on the most crunchy leaves we can!

11. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Fashion Trend?

I am in love with huge fluffy scarves and the pretty patterned scarves. I have about 3 or 4 amazing scarves I’m always dying to break out. 

12. If You Could Have A Familiar/Spirit Animal, What Would It Be?

 I suppose a cat or a bird of some sort. I just love to watch how relaxed my cat always is just bathing in the sun. Or a bird out stretching their wings, so free and uncontained. So refreshing!

13. Name One Place You Wish You Could Visit During Autumn?

We visited the Skyline Drive this summer for vacation. It was filled with Mountain View’s and and amazing pathways. I think it would be ten times more beautiful this time of year just to see all of the leaves on the trees changing colors and all of the beautiful leaves falling all you drive the amazing winding paths. 

14. What Is Your Favorite Photo You Took Last Autumn?

Last year consisted of so many firsts since it was my sons first time experiencing this time of year. This photo of my babies at the pumpkin patch is definitely my favorite! 

15. What Are You Being This Halloween?

I created this Queen Of The Undead look on my YouTube and I think I’ll just do the same look and regular dress as we are taking the kids trick or treating!
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Hope you all enjoyed this Tag! 

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