5 Fun things to do in December!// Blogmas day 6🎄

Winter is one of my absolute favorite seasons ! So here’s 5 fun things you can do in December ! 

  1. Go ice skating- So many places open up outdoor skating rinks this time of the year, I went for the first time two years ago and had so much fun!
  2. Go caroling – Super old tradition, but still so much fun with friends and family. Spreading holiday cheer! 
  3. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter- This can actually be done year round,but the extra joy of helping out during the holidays is definitely worth it. 
  4. Donating toys to toy drives- Again can be done year round, but helping less fortunate children have an amazing Christmas is worth it. 
  5. Gift exchange- My family sets up a game called white elephant. Instead of the normal buying a gift for everyone we get one gift each and play a game that determines which gift goes to who! It’s so much fun! Cooler alternative to the traditional gift exchange. 

These are my 5 things to do in December ! What are your favorite things to do this time of year? 

(Disclaimer: all photos are from google and I don’t own)

Thank you for viewing xx!

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OOTD ft. Oversized Infinity Scarf // Blogmas day 4

Let’s be real as soon as the temperature began to drop the first thing I did was take out my scarves! So for the fourth day of blogmas I thought it would be cool to show how I wore my favorite scarf! 

Today I chose to wear my absolute favorite scarf of them all… my oversized infinity scarf! 

I paired it with my pair of black boots(not sure of brand), blue jeans from forever 21, and a long sleeve pink sweater with this beautiful cut out pattern at the top from target! 

For accessories I wore my Pandora bracelet, and this necklace I received as a gift a few years ago. 

To top it off I wore this pink hat from PINK by Victoria Secret! 

What’s your favorite accessory for the chilly months? 

Thank you so much for viewing!

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Road to The Wedding// Day 1

Okay, so for today’s post I wanted to start my documentation of planning for my wedding and any other wedding related thoughts . The original plan, when my fiancé and I first sat down to talk about the rough details, was that we were going to get married in Vegas and more than likely spend our honeymoon there as well. This was sounding pretty good until we thought about the kids. And flying them out to Vegas then having to have someone else there to watch them was just impractical. So back to the drawing board we went. 

I’ve never wanted your “traditional ” wedding. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I want to wear a traditional wedding dress or not. The only thing that matters to me is that I want to marry the love of my life with our amazing kids right there. I want this day to be intimate. I’d also like our parents and his sister to be in attendance, but as far as the huge invite everyone even people you haven’t seen in years wedding, that’s not what I want. So I guess first things first as the wedding won’t be until 2018, we need to pick the season and narrow down a day. I can’t wait to pick out a planner for all things wedding related! I’ve dreamed of my wedding my whole life. It’s funny that now I’m actually getting married, I don’t know exactly what I want anymore.

If any of you lovelies have planned your wedding or just have tips for planning and what to get ready for let me know!

Thank you for viewing! xx

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Top 10 favorite Christmas songs! 🎄

With Thanksgiving in the past it’s time to focus on my favorite holiday of all, CHRISTMAS! I love this season because the day after Thanksgiving, all of the radio stations begin to play Christmas music. Here is my top 10 songs I’m looking forward to!

  1. This Christmas- Chris Brown
  2. Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas- Carla Thomas
  3. Back Door Santa- Clarence Carter
  4. Silent Night- The Temptations 
  5. I Saw Mommy Kissin Santa Clause- Jackson 5
  6. All I Want for Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey
  7. I’ll Be Home For Christmas- Frank Sinatra 
  8. 12 Pains Of Christmas- Bob Rivers
  9. 8 Days of Christmas- Destiny’s Child
  10. Give Love on Christmas Day-  Ledisi

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

Thank you for viewing! xx

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