My First Bullet Journal: June Setup📖

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my corner of the internet! 

When I first saw people’s bullet journals floating across Pinterest and Instagram I was instantly OBSESSED! I love the idea of having a creative space, you customize yourself to keep organized and to keep so in the future you can look back and see what you were up to! I debated for YEARS on starting one of my own, but decided against it as A. I cannot draw to save my life and B. I couldn’t think of how having a journal would keep me organized when I didn’t even use my homework planners in high school! But after a lot of thought (and wanting to just jump out on a limb and try it) I’ve set up my very first bullet journal! Today I’m sharing the set up I’m going to ATTEMPT to use in June to stay organized, on top of chores, and to just have a creative outlet. So let’s hop on and take a look at my June setup!

This is the journal I chose to start with. It’s really a regular notebook and I wouldn’t recommend it for this type of project. I got this one to start off so just in case I decided bullet journaling wasn’t for me, I could put it to another use! 

The first thing you will notice are these tabs I got from Target to help me keep track of my months. Most journals I’ve seen do not have these, but I couldn’t think of anything more frustrating than flipping through page after page unable to find where I left off. This was my way of saving my sanity! 

The first page of my journal is just an overview calendar. Just a nice way to keep track of the days without having to dig too deep into my journal. 

The next pages I have my goals for the month and I’ve decided to separate my days so I have enough space to write any to-dos for the day!

At the end of the month I put a space for any video ideas and added a little motivational quote at the bottom of the page. 

The next page as you see has a mood tracker and a space for blog ideas. I wanted to include a mood tracker to see how often I’ve felt whatever emotion. The bottom of the page I attempted to draw a rainbow cloud. I told you guys I couldn’t draw haha!

The last page so far has a spot for anything business related. I thought it would be super important to have a space I could write out my ideas and plans for my company!

I plan to create a memories page looking back at the important and memorable things of the month and will do an update to show you all if I’ve kept it up or not. But, so far so good and I’m loving this as it’s my own little thing to put my spin on! 

Do you bullet journal? What are some tips you have for beginners?

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Xo Lynn❤️

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