Morphe 350M Review

Morphe is a super well-known brand that literally needs no introduction. Great products with a super affordable price point! As a whole I love Morphe! Their brushes are amazing quality and won’t break your pockets!

Today we are looking at their 350m pallet. The infamous 350 palette consists of matte and shimmer shadows, while the 350m palette is all matte shades! I am such a matte shadow girl so of course I was drawn right in! The shades in the pallet are all pretty neutral. It consists of warm and cool tones shades so it can appeal to everyone.


I created this burgundy smokey eye solely using the 350m pallet. You can check out the tutorial Here.

I’m going to give you my pros and cons and overall thoughts on this pallet.


  1. All matte shadows
  2. Affordable – coming in at $22.99 for 35 pans you can’t beat it!
  3. All neutral shadows
  4. Great pigment
  5. Sturdy packaging


  1. Some shadows are chalky, and not WOC friendly.
  2. Difficult to blend, the lighter shades basically sheer out when blended while the darker shades hardly budge. I suggest using very little product and building it up to get the color payoff you want
  3. Contains Talc, research shows that Talc is directly linked to breakouts and allergic reactions related to makeup. It also causes ovarian and lung tumors over time.

Over all this is a nice pallet. If I could have tested it in the store would I have purchased? Sadly no. The shades are way too chalky for my skin tone. And shades that aren’t chalky take a lot of work to blend out. Would I recommend? Sure. It’s a great beginner pallet to play and practice with.


Do you have the 350 m pallet? What are your thoughts?

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