Makeup Monday #1/ My MAC Lipstick Collection


I never really got into MAC Cosmetics products and still haven’t. I don’t know what holds me back from purchasing from there. I know I don’t like that they test on animals and I also don’t like the customer service I get at my local store. But I have made the plunge and purchased a few lipsticks from them and decided to share with you guys my thoughts!

First up is the coveted Saint Germain, an Amplified lipstick. This is truly a YouTube made me buy it purchase! This bright pink is definitely not something i’d pick up for myself, but after seeing countless YouTubers with it I had to have it! The color is truly pretty. I pair it with a dark brown lip liner to make it more suitable for my darker complexion.

Second is Cyber, a Satin lipstick. This has been one of my go to lippies for the fall and winter. I love the formula of their satin lipsticks they are very comfortable on the lips.

Third, RiRi Woo, a Reto Matte. This is a lipstick from one of Rihannas’ collabs with MAC and I honestly have never hated a lipstick more. This formula is so drying. It is literally crumbling off my lips within a few hours of wear and literally feels like a desert in your lips.

Next up we have Please Me, a Matte lipstick. A very pretty dusty rose pink. I love this formula and I often pair this with a dark brown liner and a gloss.

Then we have Taupe, a Matte lipstick. This pairs with a brown liner is the perfect nude for WOC in my shade range. 

Last but not least we have Romantic Breakdown, a Lustre lipstick from the Bao Bao Wan collection . This was literally a purchase I made only for its packaging…I mean look at it! It’s beautiful! I sometimes try to get wear out of it by wearing it under a clear gloss to give color. But for the most part it’s just for decoration.

Overall, I truly love my little collection of MAC lipsticks. Will I purchase more? Probably not. I can’t see myself putting money into a company thats practices I don’t agree with.

What are your thoughts? Do you like MAC as a brand? What’s your favorite lipstick from them?

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  1. That dark lip color is calling my name. I’m a sucker for dark lips! I haven’t made any MAC purchase yet because they are so expensive and, honestly, are they worth $16 or more? I haven’t found a reason for them to be, yet. However, I do plan to get just one color from them. Maybe I’ll go with the dark lip??

    1. Cyber is most definitely my favorite! I really don’t think they’re worth it. They are definitely over priced! But nice to just experience I guess…most of mine are gifts so that tells you I was not willing to spend my money on them! Makeup Revolution lipsticks are super affordable and have great formula!

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