I Am NOT Your Average Blogger. 

I’m not a size 3, I don’t own a MacBook, I’m pretty disorganized and I have NO marble tables or counter tops in my house. 

I am not your average blogger. When I had my original blog I was very discouraged. Seeing other peoples pretty blogs with pictures with marble backgrounds or fancy vanities always made my heart drop. “No one will read your blog.” I had myself convinced. I would look on Instagram for inspiration only to see pretty, thin, blonde women in fancy outfits living what seemed to be perfect lives. 

This time around I didn’t look at blogging as a competition as I had in the past. We are all together. I’ve learned in the blogging community no matter your appearance or your at home life you are accepted. I love the blogging community for that very reason! It’s okay to not have the most expensive things. Make use of what you do have and flaunt it! 

Your blog is as successful as YOU make it! As long as you’re proud of your posts and content that’s what’s important!

I’ve learned to make use of the space I have to take pretty decent photos and use products I already have to make posts! I love it! I don’t feel pressure to be the standard definition of perfect, because I am just the way I am! So if you’re feeling discouraged about entering the blogging community, don’t! There are so many accepting people! People who care about you and your character and personality above all things!

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. I love this! I always look at people’s pages and think wow you know they’ve got their marble flat lays or when they apply their lipstick to their perfect lips…they actually have lip fillers…and none of it is real. That’s why I may not have a million followers but I know my blog is a real reflection of me and the products I use. No filters, no airbrushing, no faking it!
    I read your blog and I love it 😍 x

    1. I love this comment! And thank you so much! The goal of every blogger or influencer should just be as transparent and real as possible! I agree I look at a lot of pages and I too have to remind myself that I may not have a huge following. But my content is real and like you said a representation of the real me! Thank you so much for supporting! xx💞

        1. That’s a great way to keep yourself in check! I never thought about looking at it as if my children were to read in the future!

  2. I LOVE THIS! I’ve struggled with this (still do sometimes) but we each have something special to bring. Quite honestly some of those bloggers just are lucky enough to have nice looking things but I’ve seen some of the greatest writers and storytellers with simple blogs… that really teaches me to appreciate TRUE talent and not just the aesthetic.
    Thank you for writing this and you are appreciated in this community!

  3. This is a really great post! I agree, I feel that way sometimes when I look at big Youtubers and see their gorgeous houses, clothes, lifestyle, etc. It’s like, how do you compete with that? Like you said, you don’t have to. Your blog is what you make it. I started my blog a month ago & already I’ve met some great people in this community. I follow a lot of great blogs (yours included) and it’s been such a nice experience so far! I love reading your blog and seeing what your experiences have been. 😊💕💜

    1. Omg yes! I especially feel that way with YouTube! Part of the reason I stopped! I love this blogging community so far. Like you I haven’t been here long but being able to just write and find a group of people who can relate has been everything! I love your blog btw! Thank you for reading!😊💞xx

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