Hard Candy Sheer Envy Coconut Water Cooling Primer Stick Review 

This past weekend I was at a Walmart I typically don’t go to and found so many cool makeup goodies! Hard Candy is for sure one of my favorite drugstore brands, and when I saw this primer stick I just had to try it!

The claims are that it minimizes pores, soothes redness, and hydrates the skin. The packaging for sure gets a 10/10. The pretty blue to white to blue ombré definitely sucks you right in! A con is definitely the scent. It distinctly reminds me of a glue stick. Luckily once on skin you no longer smell it. I love how it feels on skin it is cooling but not a tingling sensation like some “cooling” products. 

This is very hydrating but light weight as well. For performance I give it a 8/10 just because I didn’t see how it minimizes pores, I especially like the Maybelline Baby Skin primer for that aspect. But the Hard Candy primer was definitely an amazing base for my makeup!

Overall I give this product 9/10, the pros certainly outweigh the cons! 

Have you tried this primer? What are your thoughts?

As always thank you for reading! And I’ll speak with you next time! 


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  1. That looks like it feels amazing. I just bought a primer for my first time yesterday from a makeup counter but I will keep this is mind for the future thank you for sharing

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