Getting My First Tattoo: Experience and Why a Matching Couples Tattoo

I’ ve known for as long as I can remember that I was obsessed with tattoos and piercings. I love how beautiful the artists work looks on the skin, I love the buzzing sound of the tattoo gun, and I love the pain of a fresh piercing! So odd I know, but it is what it is! I got my very first (and currently my only) tattoo when I was celebrating my 23rd birthday. I had done extensive research on getting a tattoo, the pros and cons and what to expect….you’d think i’d have been more than prepared…I wasn’t. Although I was planning on getting a tattoo, I had not planned to get one on that day! On the day I got my tattoo, my now fiance’ and I woke up to get breakfast and I randomly blurtted out that I wanted to get a tattoo. Super random, we started looking up tattoo places that were open (as it was a sunday, most were closed) and found a place not too far from us with excellent reviews!

We went to Altered Image in Pasadena Maryland . It was super cozy, our artist was super down to earth and inviting! On the spot we decided to get matching tattoos. Risky? Very, but I already knew that my fiance’ was who I’d want to be with for the rest of my life…also, I knew getting a tattoo with him wouldn’t be something i’d end up regretting even if we were to part ways. We agreed to get the phrase “Siempre Contigo” which means always with you. I wanted my placement to be just as important as my actual tattoo, so I thought long and hard before deciding to get it on my right wrist. To me, Its a forever reminder that I am loved…That my fiance’ is “Always With Me”. My fiance on the other had decided to get his tattoo on his inner bicep on his left arm. His placement was meaningful as well, he told me after we had left the parlor that he got it on that arm because that’s the arm I fall asleep on, and he wanted a reminder that of that.

My actual experience wasn’t anything like I expected. I thought it would be super painful and hard to bare… It was almost the complete opposite. The pain id rate a 4/10. There were certain areas like the letters closer to the bottom that were more painful, but overall it was a breeze! Now pain tolerance is different for everyone, but id suggest asking your artist about which areas typically hurt more to tattoo and which are fairly painless.

Over the past two years I’ve grown more in love with my tattoo, especially since I’ve gotten engaged. The meaning behind our tattoos are so important to me. I definitely look forward to getting more tattoos in the future. We are even considering getting matching tattoos on our ring fingers instead of exchanging rings when we get married.

What are your thoughts on couples getting matching tattoos? 

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