Business Savvy Saturday Part 4

I’m so sad that this series has come to an end! I’ve had so much fun interviewing these amazing business owners and introducing you guys to these super underrated brands! Business Savvy Saturday was definitely a hit!

Last but certainly not least we have Myesha Brown, the owner of JTB Cosmetics based in Maryland.

Let’s get to it shall we?

Q1. How long have you been in business?

A1. I’ve been in business for about eight months now

Q2. What inspired you to start a business ?

A2. My inspiration to start this business was the lack of representation for darker women and the poor color payoff on deeper skin tones. I was inspired by the dark skin people who love bright, unique colors.
Q3. How do you market your business?

A3.My marketing strategy is targeting darker women and those who are talented with smaller platforms, giving coupon codes to those who enjoy the products they receive and those who tell their friends.

Q4. What motivates you?

A4. My motivation is my costumers. They’re ridiculously sweet and understanding of how it is being a one woman show. Also other business owners who have successfully built their brand from nothing are super inspirational.

Q5. What are your hobbies when you’re not working?

A5. When I’m not working I’m honestly thinking about working. I’m constantly thinking of new products and the next step for my brand. I do read and draw a lot more now. I love to do more relaxing things when it’s time to get away from the business for a while.
For anyone who is about to start a business I would like to say:

1. Do your research, be as educated as possible on the products you want to sell as possible.

2. Save your money up before thinking about buying the things needed to begin production. Have a good budget to start out with and don’t buy up everything at once, take baby steps.

3. Keep positive company. Not everyone is on your side and not everyone wants to see you successful. You’re a brand now. The company you keep can be detrimental to your brand.

You can find Myesha on these socials!

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Business Savvy Saturdays/ Part 3

Back at it again with another interview! Who’s as excited as I am to get to know about another amazing business and business owner?

Today we interview Tony Patrick, the 29-year-old, Little Rock Arkansas based owner of the brand What On Earth? Cosmetics ! This company makes an all natural, vegan friendly(my personal favorite part), 100% plant-based, unrefined and raw whipped body butters! Lets jump in shall we?




Q1). Where’s your company located?

TP: The company is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our address is P.O. Box 194633, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72219. We are a Home-Based company!

Q2). What are some achievements?

TP: An achievement for me was deciding to become a full-time business owner in my city. I decided to think globally, while extending my reach locally.What I mean by that, is that I know that I have a great idea and strategy, but as the saying goes you must start somewhere.So, my fertile ground is right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Thanks to the world-wide-web, I’ve been able to reach a very wide audience, which ties into why I was saying think globally and act locally, because once you get your bearings, you’ll see that there is a whole world out there just waiting for your product or services, but you must have the mindset that no matter where you are your product will sell because it is of great quality and it provides a service that is desired, which are two winning ingredients in business. So, to sum it up taking a chance on myself and not giving up on myself or being too hard on myself has been a great achievement. You must have faith when doing business because one minute you can be paying bills and the next you can not be, but that’s the cycle of this game… money comes and goes, but you, your way of thinking, must always remain balanced.

Q3). How long have you been in business?

TP: What On Earth? Cosmetics, is a start-up company and we are still in our infant stage, and like an infant, our senses are fresh so we have a new outlook on the market that we are in, unlike a more…let’s say established company. They are going to be less likely or more slowly to taking risks, on let’s say a new innovative way of advertising and/or marketing. Whereas we have more flexibility in our approach because our customers don’t know what to expect from us yet. We have the creative ability to introduce new products at any given time, with the customer in mind, instead of let’s say profit margins. Profits are great! We’re in “the business” to make money, but there will come a time, as in any one-sided relationship, where someone is eventually going to start to feel unappreciated. So, I’ve learned to protect my companies lifeline by first and foremost thinking about the customers needs, wants, and level of income. We’ve been in business 6 strong months now, with no plans of slowing down or stopping!

Q4). What Inspired you to start your business?

TP: What inspired me to start my own company was the flexibility that I saw it offered to other business owners in my neighborhood, who owned their own plumbing company, retail and flower shops, and laundry and farmers markets. As well as the attractive lifestyle that comes with it. Waking up early, going to sleep late, working hard and reaping all of the benefits that comes with hard work. Sounds like the life of a King to me and I want that. Not some of it, all of it. So I decided to find out what it was going to take and if I had it.God was willing and we came out on top! The idea of being self-sufficient has always interested me and to this day still does. I’ve always had side businesses going on, but it’s just been recently where I’ve started to apply myself and take the proper steps to get my business licence paperwork in order, file my taxes, and apply for business credit, so that I could acquire the necessary inventory to run a successful business. The lack of financial resources can hinder a lot of good ideas and capable small businesses, which is sad because it is these people who create the markets in which we serve.

Q5). How do you market your business?

TP: I use several different methods to market my company. For starters, I use social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest. I also manage a website and of course there are E-mails and brand influencers, who are really the tp-go people when you want tp get your message out and heard or your products seen. I greatly appreciate the Brand Influencers AKA the bloggers and vloggers! ASE’. Outside of digital sells I rely on word of mouth and vending at venues. So far, I’ve vended at two all black business sites and I have a third coming up January 28th, which I am looking forward to. I was also able to secure a space on shelves in the gift store of The Mosaic Templar Cultural Center, located in downtown Little Rock, thanks to Ms.Kali Hall, which is a historic all black museum. I also allocated the time to survey my neighborhood and place flyers up where I could, and passed them out to whomever was willing to take the time out and empower themselves by hearing what it is I had to offer. Like I said at the end of the day we are in this business to make money, so the consumers should use their buying power to find out all that there is, that’s out there. Why use the same products brand over and over just because you think that, that’s all that’s out there? Take the time out to hear the pitch and decide later. You may very well have just found the solution to that problem you were having, which was having inadequate products because you were unaware that someone had created a more superior product with YOU in mind! ASE’

Q6) So, what motivates you?

TP: Watching the conditions of my black people is what boils my blood and keeps me going. It’s the fuel that drives my spirit. Once I have my mind on a target I will not be blocked from reaching that targets goal. A target goal of mine is similar to the “buying back the block” Movement. I know that we can make money, but do we know how to use money? Not spend it, use it… and that’s why I admire the  “buying back the block” movement. Through education, experience, and proper guidance from the people from our community, in 30 years we will be able to afford to “buy back the continent”, plus Afrika. All it takes is proper planning, management, and cooperative economics. Also, just knowing where we came from as a people and where we are now is disturbing so I wake up every grand rising with one question in mind… Whats it going to take to free the mind of just one of my people today?

Q7) What are your hobbies when you’re not working?

TP: I put in 12-15 hours daily. A common routine for me is to wake up at 4:00 AM, do some Kemetic Yoga, shower, smoke a spliff, check my emails, check my social media accounts, advertise on the web, meditate, eat, advertise some more, make my rounds to the post office to ship off packages, check my email, follow-up with customers, check my email and respond, eat, more advertising, study anything pertaining to how to better my craft or increase my business, take a nap, wake up, check emails, and advertise some more! All in a days work and we repeat this untill we get there. Of course, things tend to change here and there, but the overall picture im going to paint is that success is all about repetition and persistence, You must know that its there for you and only you. It’s as the saying goes, An object in motion remains in motion. The momentum of being a successful black business owner has always been in motion for us little black kids growing up, and now all I must do is let it be To be in the right place, at the right time with the right mentality, adds up only because I took the necessary time to aline those stars. So, all im saying is put in the work, get back the reward and it’s all yours! ASE’.




You Can reach What on Earth? Cosmetics at:



Check out the previous Business Savvy Saturday here!

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January Favorites 

Can you believe January is damn near over?! Let me tell you this month absolutely flew by and I wasn’t prepared at all! So I’ve decided that as long as I have enough of course, I will start sharing my favorites for the month! So let’s jump right in shall we!

Beauty Favorites

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in That Glow

– This is definitely a product I always come back to no matter what new highlighters I get. They are so beautiful and pigmented!


2. Beard Oil by Beard Necessities

– This product has totally transformed my skin care routine! My skin always feels nice and hydrated when I use it.


Tv/Movie Favorites

  1. HGTV Love it or List it
  • This show has definitely become my obsession! I love looking at the homes and how they transform them

Music Favorites

  1. Moana soundtrack
  • After seeing the movie for my daughter’s birthday, we have had this soundtrack on repeat! I’m totally in love!

2. TSO Tadoe

  • I’m typically not a huge fan of trap music, and this was an accidental find. My fiancé was trying to put music on his phone and this artist somehow ended up on my phone and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Fitness Favorites

  1. Avocado
  • I used to hate them! But I’ve tried them again recently as a breakfast food and I’ve fallen in love. Avocado on its own or spread on a beagle has been a go to!


2. Jawbone UP

  • I literally haven’t used this in like a year, but the easiest way to track my steps and calories has been using this system! I love it!

Blog Favorites

It wouldn’t be a Favorites list if I didn’t share some of my favorite blogs for the month for you guys to check out!


So that’s all of my favorites for the month of January! Let me know if you guys love any of the things I’ve been loving!

Thank you for stopping by!

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*photos with asterisk do not belong to me and were found during a Google search

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Business Savvy Saturday/ Part 1

Today is the day! The first part of my Small Business series! Let’s get right into it…

Kendro, age 24 Chicago resident and UIC graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in History. Owner of two businesses, an art business: KLT Art by Kendro you can visit here, and a vintage clothing store: KLT Vintage and Retro you can visit here. And a Lifestyle blogger at .

I was so honored to be able to interview this amazing woman for this series! I sent over a series of questions and she happily answered, giving us a little behind the scene information as well as some tips to help out any future entrepreneurs out there! Let’s jump right in!

Q1: How long have you been in business?

A1: “I’ve been in business for 2.5 years. I opened KLT Art by Kendro in June of 2004 and I opened KLT Vintage and Retro in May of last Year.”

Q2: What inspired you to start your business?

A2: ” Looking back at my childhood, I always knew I wanted to be a business owner even before I knew what it meant to own a business. My grandmother owned two businesses, so I guess it runs in the family also. I think it’s just been my destiny that the Most High wanted me to fulfill and now I’m living it live and in color.”

Q3: How do you market your business

A3: “I market my business on social media and the old school way. I use Etsy for my online stores and it’s a great marketplace for customers to search and communicate with shops. I find the advertising option on the site very helpful. Social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter are also helpful. Just as business owners did prior to the days of social media, I create flyers and place them on public boards. Never underestimate the power of marketing in numerous ways.”

Q4: What motivates you?

A4: “I’m motivated by my natural creativity and living in my truth. I always knew I was put on this earth for a special reason and I’m here to live it out and create a legacy for not only my future generations, but for anyone who has been inspired by my work.”

Q5: What are your hobbies when you aren’t working?

A5: “When I’m not working, I love to sleep haha. I love watching YouTube videos and old school movies and television shows. Of course thrifting and creating art also my hobbies. When you’re doing what you love, you don’t even see your hobbies as work.”

Kendro also Gave some tips for aspiring business owners!


  1. Be confident in everything you do when it comes to business and be content with stepping outside of your comfort zone. I know this may be super cliche, but it’s an essential part of the foundation of being a business owner, Creating and owning a business is about taking a chance, accepting, and being comfortable with possible failure. Like life, business ownership and growth is a learning experience and it’s important that business owners have this mentality down packed.
  2. Always be open to learning. No matter how great of an artist people tell me I am, I still know there’s room for improvement and being better at my craft. That’s why I still research tutorials and information on how to become a better artist. When it comes to my vintage business, I’m always looking to learn new ways to market and engage with customers. Our society is constantly changing and we have to move with the times in order to stay relevant and flourish. Learn to balance this with staying true to yourself. “

As you can already tell I have some amaing business owners lined up for you! Check out Kendros amazing stores in the links above.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

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