Im Going Vegan + Heres Why

I’m going vegan. No long explanation necessary.

Originally I had a recipe post of how I made a Cheeseburger pie planned for today. As you can see that is very far from what you’re reading today! I decided it was against my morals to share a post of something I wouldn’t even eat. I’m not here to force my views or new lifestyle on you. Simply telling you why and how I made such a decision!


I started by doing my research of foods because I was preparing to go on a weight-loss1 journey. I wanted to be healthier and more active, the first step to having a healthier lifestyle is changing what you put into your body. Then,  I ran across a Netflix documentary called Vegucated. In this documentary, there is a study where 3 normal people essentially go vegan cold turkey to see the physical and phycological  reactions and changes. Not only did all three participants lose weight, their overall health was improved. Veganism has taken people off of their blood pressure medicines and has also basically cured people of their MH illnesses as well. The saying “You are what you eat” is true and very literal.


When you think of meat products you don’t typically think of the actual animal. You only think of the food that tastes delicious on your plate at the moment. After researching and looking for answers to all the questions I was left with after watching Vegucated, I watched the film Earthlings. Earthlings is also a documentary, it goes into the process of how that cow, chicken and other animals get to your plate and into your closet. It is very graphic, and hard to watch. That’s all I’ll say about that. But if your interested, I recommend watching the film on YouTube. It was an instant eye opener for me and I stopped eating meat that same day.


I won’t go into detail because I’m still learning and gaining new information daily but, I then looked into the science related questions I had of exactly how you can get sufficient nutrients if not eating milk or dairy products. It has been taught to us since the beginning of time that you NEED dairy and meat or fish to be healthy. It’s simply not true. The same protein and calcium you get from meat and dairy you can get from vegetables, fruit, beans and nuts. I can’t get into the exact percentages because like I said, i’m learning too, but it is proven that you can live a healthy, strong life on just produce that the earth has given us. The book Skinny Bitch gets into detail about it all and I recommend this read to you!

Whats Next?

Don’t really know the answer to that question. I can only take you guys along on my journey to being a healthier me. I plan to share my ups and downs, struggles and accomplishments on my lifestyle change. There won’t be posts with me beating you down with why you need to go vegan, and I won’t push my lifestyle on you at all. I will be sharing my journey so I can find and connect with others living like me!

Have you ever considered going vegan or vegetarian? What are your thoughts on the lifestyle?

Lets keep in touch on my socials!



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August| Bullet Journal Set Up

The thing I love most about bullet journaling, is that I can set it up however I need. I can use habit trackers if I want to this month, and next month I can completely leave them out! The customization is endless! I really don’t have time for fancy setups and doodles, so being able to use a setup with little to no fluff is great for me! Lets hop into my August spread!

Cover Page

My cover page is very simple this month. I used blue and pink pens to create a circle and blue marker and pens to write August in the center of the circle. I then created an overview calendar at the bottom of the page so I had somewhere to always see the full month laid out.

Goals + Setup

The next two pages in my journal contain my goals and my business, blog, and YouTube plans for the month. I always try to set 4 short term goals to achieve in the month. This month’s goals haven’t been set just yet, but I’ll be doing a post on them soon. My Business, blog, and YouTube planning areas are where I’ve realized I spend a lot of time brainstorming, so I dedicate half a page each.

Weekly Setup

My weekly setup for August is simple. I have a box for each day of the week on one side, and a place to journal on the other. I’ve found myself wanting a little more space in my journal to write down general thoughts or things I want to remember or meditate on in the future.

Instagram Tracker

I’ve officially be come “That” blogger. I’m currently wanting to grow my Instagram page and engagement! I’m now scheduling and planning my posts out so that I have a clear view of what works and doesn’t work for my Instagram!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What are your favorite spreads to incorporate?



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Hello July! June Goals:Hit or Miss?

Happy July!

I absolutely can’t believe that June went by so fast! Today I’m showing you what my June Goals were and letting you know if I hit or Missed them! Setting goals as a blogger, youtuber and business owner helps me keep track of how much I’ve grown or gotten better over time.

Well, here are my June Goals!

  1. Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter
  2. 830 followers on Instagram
  3. Stick to blog and YouTube schedule
  4. Make a cleaning schedule

Reason For My Goals?

Twitter and Instagram

Since starting my blog, have built up my following and engagement so I can better connect with my readers. I love talking to you all VIA Twitter or seeing what you all have been up to VIA Instagram. I have discovered that it is super hard to be active on 3+ social media accounts at one time. Being active on Twitter and Instagram connects me to some amazing bloggers and YouTubers. Which has inspired me and my content as well.

Content Scheduling

As far as my blog and YouTube schedule it’s been a dream. Pre-Filming and writing out posts and drafting them is the easiest way to get things done! In the past I was writing out posts the day of and posting and editing the same day. Being able to have time in between my content uploading on Mondays and Fridays has helped me have better quality as I can take more time to see what I’d like to better.

Cleaning Schedule

If you don’t know, I am a stay at home mother of two very active children. Trying to start not one…but TWO brands while keeping up with house work has been exhausting! Although, things have been a lot easier now that my oldest is on summer break there is always something to do. A schedule makes it easier to see what needs to be done and when.

How Did I Do?

  1. 1,500 followers on Twitter |HIT
  2. 830 followers on Instagram |MISS
  3. Stick to blog and YouTube schedule | HIT
  4. Make cleaning schedule | HIT

Thank you all for stopping by! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join my Fam Bam and see beauty and lifestyle videos from me!

XO Lynn❤️


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Hello Gorgeous !💋 My Road To Body Positivity

Hello everyone, you all don’t know… but I’ve struggled with accepting myself at every weight I’ve been through my life. Before I had my daughter, I was pretty content with my size. I was curvy but felt I was perfect to me and that was all that mattered. Thought time I grew problems with my weight due to a toxic relationship I was in where I was always put down for my size. 

After being in that relationship, I questioned my appearance and attractiveness due to weight. I’ve never been a size small and at the time it seemed everyone around me including the media was glorifying a small slender frame and looking down on anyone who was larger. This created a fight within myself. On one side I wanted to be as thin as everyone else that was praised so highly for their slender bodies. And on the other side I wanted to be happy with myself no matter what size I was. 

Well I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and gained about 20 lbs. I was in shambles. I was disappointed in myself for gaining weight, not realizing the weight I gained was mostly from my daughter and not just me eating crazy.  I slowly started to see myself as pretty and was content with my size. My weight has always fluctuated and never been stable. When I learned I was pregnant with my son I was okay with my body, but still self conscious of how other people saw me. After giving birth for the second time I was surprisingly happy that I was down to my pre pregnancy weight within the first three months postpartum. 

This timeline leads me up till now. As of now, I’m content with my body and size. But I do still have times where I wonder what others think and don’t wear certain things because of that. I’m planning on using my blog more to show my journey of falling back in love with myself. I love being plus size. Is it a struggle sometimes when it comes to clothes and certain trends? Yes. But, the only way to really fall in love with myself and be carefree is to step outside of my box and do things differently than I have been doing. Trying new styles. Trying risky styles that I’d never grab for on a regular day. And I’m ready for the challenge! I hope you all follow me on this journey and potentially learn something as well!

Thank you for reading! 

XOXO, Lynn❤️

~Let’s Keep In Touch ~




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