How To Achive The Perfect Contour

How to: Achieve the perfect Contour

Hello beauties! I hope you’ve been enjoying Blogmas as much as I have! I’ve been seeing some amazing posts. As you all may or may not know I was planning on doing the 30 days of makeup tag on my Instagram. Day 4s theme was contour! I’ve always struggled with contouring. Worrying if it’s too low, too dark or even too high! I’ve finally been able to get it right recently! And thought I’d share how I’ve been able to achieve my perfect contour. 

  1. Choose a shade only 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. 

My issue has always been that I choose a shade too dark and it looks like I just have a dirty face. Or a shade too light and it looks like it’s nothing there. 

2.  Use a small angled brush. 

I’ve definitely learned the hard way of which brushes work best. But I’ve found a smaller angled brush works well to stay in the hollows of my cheek bones and keeps the product focused on that area only. 

3.  Use a little product at a time, and slowly build to your desired intensity.  

I’m sure we’ve all been here (well I’m hoping it’s not just me) digging into your contour shade and ending up with a dark line on your face. Adding product little by little allows you to see exactly how strong you want your contour and allows you to have it be as faint or as deep as you’d like!

4. Clean up under your contour line with your translucent setting powder or a powder foundation. 

Adding this step to my makeup routine ensured that I had a nice crisp line for my contour and it also helped me with my problem of getting the line too low!

5. Blend your blush into the top of your contour. 

Blending your blush into the top of your contour assures you that your contour doesn’t get to high. The blush will sheer out your contour, leaving an effortless blend!

It’s taken me nearly 3 years but I believe I’ve finally got my perfect contour down! I hope these tips help someone else with similar problems. I’d also like to state that I  am not a makeup artist. I’m simply someone who loves makeup! 

Until next time my loves! 

Let me know what your favorite brushes are to contour with! 

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Thank you for viewing xx

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Dead of Knight Giveaway [CLOSED]🎉💄

Hi beauties! To go along with this being the season of giving, and to thank you for helping me reach my goal of 50 followers, I’m proud to have my first mini giveaway! I spoke about Kylie Cosmetics Dead of Knight being one of my favorite Lipkits so I decided to give this beauty away to one of my lovely followers! 

The rules to the giveaway is simple.

  1. Must be following my blog
  2. Comment down below what improvements or what posts you’d like to see from me in the New Year.
  3. Also I’ll be contacting the winner via email so please leave a valid email address

Its that simple! 

The giveaway will end on December 15th. And it is open Internationally!

Thank you so much for making my blogging dreams come true! And Happy Holidays!

(This item was purchased with my own money. And has not been opened or swatched because eww. )

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Symphony Beauty-Vitamin C sheet mask review

Hey my loves! So last Sunday I came across an Instagram page for a company called Symphony Beauty. They specialize in makeup remover wipes and face masks! 

I’ve tried their cucumber makeup wipes in a past Ipsy bag and fell in love! They were very thick and hydrating and removed a full face of makeup with only one wipe!

(Photo from

I saw they were having a promotion where if you sign up for their email list, they will send you a free sheet mask and I couldn’t pass it up! I signed up that Sunday and received an email saying it had been shipped the very next day! Shipping was super fast! Which is always a plus in my book! 

They sent me the vitamin C sheet mask. I’ve only tried one other sheet mask in the past, so I was excited to see how they compared! In the envelope they sent my mask as well as their business card with all of their social media handles on it. 

The mask packaging itself was very cute and informative. Letting you know exactly what was in it, the purpose of the mask as well as instructions on how to apply and how long. 

I followed all of the instructions on the packaging (while indulging in a little Netflix) and waited for results! When I put the mask on my face it felt very hydrating. It was a very relaxing experience!

(Who doesn’t love a little snapchat flower crown)

When I removed the mask my skin felt very soft and smooth. Id definitely recommend this mask to someone like me with oily/combination skin! I’ll definitely be checking out the other face masks on this website and I’ll let you know how I like them! 

Thank you for viewing! 

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My Favorite Kylie Lipkits for Fall

Trust Me I know what you’re thinking…

Another “OMG I LOVE KYLIE COSMETICS” post. But no, it’s not that kind of post at all. The company has been around for a while now, so im sure you’ve heard all the positives or horror stories that surround the brand. I’m going to give you my experience and then I’m going to let you know which Lipkits I’ve been loving for this Fall season so far!


Honestly when I first heard that Kylie was coming out with her own cosmetics brand i was skeptical. “Will it be any good?” “Will it just be a money thing for her?” “Will she actually care about what us, essentially her fans want?” I made my first order and was able to get True Brown K, Dolce K and Candy K. Of course it was like a Hunger Games sequel to get them because they were sold out so fast but with the help of my fiance we did it! Shipping did not take long at all i believe i had them within a week or so. My first time swatching them and really seeing the colors and the formula consistency I was floored. The pigment was amazing, they weren’t patchy or sheer at all which I wasnt expecting! Now the con they are a bit drying. I do recommend doing a lip scrub before and putting on some kind of lip balm, and also doing a lipscrub when you take the product off. I then placed another order on one of her restock days for 22,Dead of Knight, her metal matte set as well as her original gloss set which included the shades Like, Literally and So Cute. I was in Kylie Cosmetics heaven! Till I really stopped purchasing every time she dropped something new and thought about it. Most of her more recent shades were dupeable, and for the price it totally wasnt worth it. I was paying $30+ for lipkits when i found similar shades at Colourpop for $6. It was hard for me to give up my Kylie Cosmetics addiction, but it had to be done. I just could no longer justify paying that much for a mediocre liquid lipstick when there were brands that were better and more affordable. Now, im in no way shape or form bashing the company. I love all of Kylies products. But being honest, they really weren’t worth the money. It got better now that you can buy them in singles, honestly that made me want to purchase again. But my lippie collection needs to slow down its growth to make way for my growing eyeshadow pallet collection!

Now for the pros and cons

Like I said before, a CON is how drying they are. I’ve never experienced a formula as dry as the Kylie Lipkit. Another CON is the price. Recently the price point has been way better with the new KOKO Kollection coming in at $40 instead of $60. But the Kyshadow pallet coming in at $42 is cardboard with no mirror, I just couldn’t justify the purchase!

Moving on to the PROS, the scent is so HEAVENLY! When you first open a Kylie liquid lipstick you smell vanilla. ITS ABSOLUTLY AMAZING! Second, is the quality of the product they dry fully matte unlike come companies whose formula says matte but you still have a sheen. They also are fully opaque which I love , especially when it comes to darker colors.

What Kylie Lipkits I’m Loving for Fall

  • True Brown K
  • Dolce K
  • 22
  • Dead of Knight

What are your favorite lip colors for the season?

Thank you for reading!

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