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You may or may not know, but I became a stay at home mom after my son was born February 2016. It was an easy transition at first, mostly because the job I left was tiring and I had previously been wanting to quit anyway. Since becoming a stay at home mom I’ve realized a few things. I think that all moms would benefit from knowing that what they are feeling is normal and we all feel it.

Being a mother is hard work

Transitioning like I said was the easy part, but the day to day chores made me just as tired as I had been when working full time. Being a mother your job never ends. Working full time you still must come home help with homework, put your child to bed and prepare yourself and the family for the next day. Being home gives me the benefit of “working” in my pjs all day but there is still work to do. I see debates all the time on social media about working mothers working harder than stay at home mothers. This is just untrue. Being a mother period wether you’re clocking in everyday or home keeping the house and children they are both hard jobs. I hate to see one mother discredited just because she may not have to go into a physical job everyday.

Stay at home moms have purpose too

I struggle so hard figuring out what I’m really doing with my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing anything that benifits myself and family. It’s important for us stay at home moms to have a hobby or something that we really love aside from our children and household. Having me time is so important since 99.9% of our time is spent with little ones or being mostly in the house. Blogging and YouTube gave me that outlet I needed to connect with the outside world, but still be able to be home where I’m needed the most.

Working moms need me time too

Working ladies I’ve been there. Working long hours, barley making time for your family let alone yourself. It’s important to fit yourself into your schedule. I would take time every two weeks just to get my nails done by myself. That was my me time and I loved it. Burning yourself out at work and home with no real recovery time can lead to so many mental health and physical health issues. I see a lot of moms that feel guilty almost because they did something for themselves and you should never feel that way. Us moms move mountains for our families. We are more than deserving of me time or a “treat yo’ self” day!

Two children later and I have still not found the balance of being a stay at home mom. Sometimes the house is a mess and I don’t get everything I want done, but I’m learning that that is okay. My children are happy, fed, bathed and clothed. You may not get to all that laundry, that’s okay. Stressing yourself out will only make it worse. Spend as much time as you can with your babies and get done what you can. Work on your craft, if you’re at home start that business you’ve wanted to. Nothing is easy, but we all need an outlet and to give ourselves a break when things get rough!

Till next time,

Lynn xoxo


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  1. Nicely written post. I agree.
    A lot of people tend to look down upon stay-at-home mothers because people automatically assume that we’re lazy or don’t do anything throughout the day. Like, yeah, my newborn takes care of himself, I don’t have to do anything… LOL.
    I do agree that we need a hobby because I’ve always felt like my life isn’t going anywhere because I’m not working. It feels like there’s not much contribution from us and that can make me feel pretty crappy at times. But truth is, we are molding our kiddos so they can become decent human beings. They’re our legacy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, I prefer raising my kid by myself than sending him off to daycare and have someone else look after him. Besides, I don’t trust people with my child.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s really sad how many times I’ve been told I don’t do anything since being home. Like my kids are my priority and the house and everything else doesn’t clean or do it itself. I’m so happy you can relate. Love knowing I’m not alone out here lol ❤️

  2. Girl, this post is so relatable! I stayed home with my son for 13 months when he was first born. I then went back to work for almost two years, and I have been home for the past 4 years. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people ask “what do you do all day?” or “don’t you get tired of/bored being at home?” My husband and I made the decision that was best for OUR family is my answer. It is hard some days, especially when he was smaller because he was here with me all day. Now that he is in school, I have a little free time, but there are still days that I feel I get absolutely nothing accomplished – LOL. As you stated, it is important that we as moms whether we work in the home or outside to have “me time.” When I was working, hubby and I would rotate nights when we would give our son his bath and do household chores, etc. Now that I am home, I usually spend every other Saturday to myself to go shopping, have lunch by myself, I go to the library and read books, whatever. It’s important to have a life outside of your kids. Blogging has been my outlet as well.

    1. Yess! I’m so glad you can relate! I always feel like I have to defend myself when people ask well what do you do or why are you home like…? It was what was best for my family and I’d rather be home when my oldest gets out of school and prepare my youngest for school and not have to have someone else basically raising them because I’m at work. Plus there’s always a plethora of things to do around the house HAHA! I applaud working moms as well but being a stay at home mom isn’t a terrible thing! It’s just what works for us! Thank you for commenting!

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