5 Great Things to do On a Rainy Fall Day 

As the fall months roll in, its inevitable that we will have more than a few rainy days ahead of us. Some rainy days are lay in days, but others can turn out extremely productive! Here are 5 great things you can do if it’s raining. I have kid friendly options as well as a cozy day to yourself!

With Children Options

  1. Baking Day:  my daughter just loves helping in the kitchen, and I really try to encourage it as much as possible. Having a day to just bake and fill the house with that sweet smell is my favorite!
  2. Play in Puddles: that’s right! Strap on you and the kids rain boots and jump in as many puddles as possible! It’s seriously so much fun and what kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to get muddy and wet!

With or Without Children Option

  1. Have a Movie Day: rent 2-3 movies whether they be children’s films or your own favorite horror movies and spend a cozy day wrapped in your blanket on the couch! If this is with the kids, make a special snack before hand and get a few games to play between movies to combat boredom!

No Children

  1. Self Care Pamper Day:  spend the day doing everything self-care you can fit in! Face mask, hair mask, shave and try that new bath bomb you didn’t think you had time for!
  2. Start a New Book: the best time to start a new book is cozy in bed with fall scented candles going, and your favorite cup of tea or coffee!

These are my five rainy day approved activities! What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day? Let me know below!

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  1. So perfect because it’s raining today! 😀
    And my son loooooooves to splash in the puddles. He just needs a nice pair of rain boots before I take him outside.
    Thanks for this nice little list!

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