3 Highlighters you NEED in Your Life!

You all have seen the trend, highlight so bright it could blind you! YouTube and Instagram gurus use many different techniques to get the blinding highlight you have grown to love. I’ve found 3 highlighters that don’t need the extra boost to give you that out of this world Glow! Let’s get into it!

  1. Kaepop Glo Up by Colourpop ($8.00)
  2. Black Radiance contour pallet ($7.00)
  3. Temptu highlight ($29.50)

These three highlighters will seriously change the highlight game for you! That all have different application recommendations, but the end result will be the same. 

  • This is a photo where I used Kaepops Glow up highlighter
  • This photo I used the Black Radiance highlight 
  • And this is a photo with the Temptu highlight 

These three highlighters are my go to favs! 

What’s your favorite highlighters?

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