25 thoughts as I turn 25

I can’t believe that I turned 25 today! I know clearly after 24 I was turning 25, but it just seemed to have come around so fast. I’ve learned so much this year it’s unbelievable. I could probably list 100 things I’ve learned or thought. But let’s start with these 25 things:

  1. Just do it- I’ve always been such a procrastinator and afraid to just go for the things I want… not anymore!
  2. Love hard- life is short. I’m making sure the ones I hold dear know everyday how much they mean to me. 
  3. Don’t be so hard on myself – blogging, YouTube, a business and two small children have humbled me. It’s ok if stuff takes longer to do, after all I have a lot on my plate. 
  4. Dance for no reason- me and my kids have random dance parties all the time! It lifts the mood instantly!
  5. Love at first sight is a thing – two children has certainly made me open my eyes about this one. 
  6. Plan- when I do things it’s typically out of the blue. Having a plan eliminates so many disasters 
  7. Have faith – my relationship with God is definitely 100% better this year. Putting my highs and lows to him is the best thing I could possibly do. 
  8. Adulting is hard- I don’t know what I expected, but it’s hard. And that’s okay. 
  9. Believe in myself- my self esteem has always been pretty low, I’ve learned that is all in my head. I’m not half bad haha!
  10. Self care is important- when I’m having an off day or week. Simply doing something for ME makes it better. 
  11. Family is important- I’ve always known this, but after moving out my family has definitely been my backbone when I’m feeling down
  12. Everyone will not like you- I’ve always tried to accommodate everyone else. Not anymore. 
  13. Lipstick and no makeup is not okay- I’m so happy I’ve finally realized this and I’m upset everyone made me think I looked good haha!
  14. Staying to yourself is okay- I always thought my shyness was my biggest flaw. It’s definitely not   
  15. Love- after being in a terrible relationship, being loved how I deserve has been the biggest blessing. I’m forever grateful 
  16. It’s ok to not be ok – I struggle sometimes with feeling like I always have to be okay. I know it’s okay to break down. 
  17. Aloe water is everything!
  18. It’s okay to have fun- society makes it seem like once you have children the fun is over. That’s an absolute joke. 
  19. Time management is important. 
  20. Rough patches don’t last forever. 
  21. Letting go is easy. 
  22. Know your worth, add tax. 
  23. Drinking water is important!
  24. Being carefree is scary, but you can do it. 

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