Life Update: Moving and Growing 🌱🏡

Okay, it’s been a good minute since I’ve done a life update and just chatted about what was going on in my little world so here I am with the tea!


We are (finally!) moving house! I’ll be doing a blog post or YouTube video talking about what a horror it’s been living in my current apartment. But without going too deep, there are a lot of filthy people here and the rental office staff needs a training class on how to talk to people.

It’s super bittersweet. Even though I’m ready to go and have been for well over a year, this is our first place together. This is where we brought my son home to when he was born… it’s an interesting feeling I’m still getting used to.

YouTube Accomplishments

I’ve hit 100+ subscribers on YouTube and I’ve never been more excited! Not sure if y’all know, but the YouTube channel that is linked at the bottom of my posts is my personal beauty/lifestyle channel. I also have a family channel that I admit I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been taking my channel so serious, and it’s finally starting to benefit from my hard work! I’d be so thankful if you all subscribed Here! I’m still on the schedule of uploading Mondays and Fridays so I don’t disrupt my Wednesday post on here.

Blogging Accomplishments

My last update is mini blogger accomplishments I just want to document to look back on. I am now the brand ambassador for two amazing companies! The first is the Vliz app which I will link Here for IOS users. Vliz app is an awesome in between of YouTube and Snapchat! You create moments, and can save them and add on to them as much as you want. Built into the app is different editing, music, and filters allowing you to create whole vlogs or mini movies without all the equipment or editing! It’s literally taken over my use of Snapchat for videos since I can edit and add to it almost like a live feed! If you decide to check it out, be sure to subscribe to me so we can keep up with each other’s Vliz’s! My channel name is MelaLynnTV !

The second company I have the pleasure of working with is Vanity Planet! I will creating content and reviews soon for this company. This is important to me at least because it was the first company I actually pitched myself to! As a blogger reaching out to companies is scary and kind of gives me anxiety to be honest. I just played over and over in my head how they’d say no, but they didn’t and it seriously eased that fear of rejection!

Well I believe that’s more than enough of an update for now!

Till next time,


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My Hush Wishlist 👛

Hush is an LA based affordable and trendy beauty site! They literally have every kind of product you could ever dream of on the site! I’ve been eyeing this company for a while, but haven’t been able to make a purchase with our moving date approaching so quickly ( I know, I know. I’ll get to that another day). So today I thought I’d share my wishlist!


As you can see, they have a cute pastel website with easy to navigate menus. The menus have a tone of categories to help you find what you need.

Hush App

The Hush app, which you can downloaded for IOS here is also super easy to navigate and even has a personalized section based on past orders or browsing! Here I also showed the section for your wishlist!

My Wishlist

The Royals Eyeshadow palette is super stunning and a seemingly dead on dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette! For $10 as opposed to the $40+ for the ABH palette, how could you not want to try it out!

The NYX eyebrow gel has been around for so long. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews, and would love to switch up my brow products to give this a shot!

I’ve never used a primer oil before. Being an oily girl it’s something I should probably steer away from. But, It’s certainly intriguing and I’d love to give it a go!

Since changing my lifestyle to Vegan I’d like to eventually be cruelty free for beauty products as well! This would be a fresh addition to my collection.

I’ve recently been getting more and more into skin care, and haven’t found an eye cream I’d like. I’ve heard good reviews for the elf illuminating eye cream.

Last but not least is the Milani matte lip cream in Loved. It’s a beautiful shade very different than any I have, plus I’ve never tried their lip products so it would be a fist as well!

Have you shopped at Hush before? Thoughts?

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*Review* Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Hey there, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. My skin care is so important to me. And while I love makeup, the best thing you can do to insure a flawless application is taking great care of your skin. I have my skincare routine Here on the blog and I also have a more updated version Here on YouTube! I’ve always used a facial brush as it helps greatly with exfoliation, and massaging product into my skin.

Vanity Planet has graciously asked me to be apart of there Ambassador Program and sent me the Ultimate Skin Spa to review for you all! Just as a disclaimer, all opinions will be my own. I’d never bring a product to my platform if I didn’t think you guys would be able to benefit from it! Now on to the post!


On the Vanity Planet website, the Ultimate Skin Spa is going for $129.99. Luckily, they are always offering discount codes and also offer their products on sites like Groupon where you can get this system for about $27.99-$39.99!


When you receive your kit it will come in a beautifully designed box. The aesthetic is very minimal with pops of color. The set comes with a travel case as well as three spin brushes!

I’ve been using the Philosophy one step Purity cleanser with the silicone brush head. I love silicon face brushes because they are more sanitary than the normal brush heads and don’t need to be replaced as often. For my deep clean and exfoliants I’ve been using the grey softer brush head. This whole kit is Cruelty free which is awesome for our planet and animals!

This brush has replaced my old Olay face system. The brushes are so soft and they give you so much variety via use of the different speeds!

*Huge thank you to Vanity Planet sir sending me this system!*

Use the link Here to get this system at the discounted price of $39.00!

Till Next Time,


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Journal Prompt: I am thankful for what I have because…?

Hello my loves! I wanted to start utilizing my bullet journal better so I began to think of questions I could ask myself and write out the answers to better understand myself. I thought this would be a good process to share a lot of people have problems with self-awareness and knowing their true self. So I hoped this would help us all learn ourselves better and shine light on what we need to work on wishing ourselves.

I am thankful for what I have because…?

I’m so thankful for all I have because I know that I have a lot to lose. Understanding that if I’m ungrateful, and God takes everything from me I’d literally be left with nothing humbles me so much. I’m so in love with my little family, close friends, and overall living situation. I’d be so lost if I didn’t have everything and everyone that has been placed in my life.

Why are you thankful for what you have?

God has placed everyone and everything in my life at this time for a reason. It is my job to continue to be thankful and humble and continue growing and learning.


I hope you all get a clearer understanding of yourself in these prompts. I hope a door opens for you that you never thought you could open.

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